Circus called Karnataka Politics


For years now, the Karnataka state politics has degenerated from one low to the other. Reminiscent of the earlier JD (s) government lead by Kumaraswamy when we would see hordes of nonchalant &smug leadership dancing, drinking, swimming, jiving together leaving the state to rot. An uneasy sense of Déjà vu has engulfed the state yet again.

What is abhorrent in the entire drama is that BJP is charged with planned & individual clever defection from Congress to its own party. Something that is so divergent from the policy of clean & ethical politics they wish to swear by. Also such a sinister plot is repeatedly being enacted ever since the Congress + JD (s) government came to power with a slender lead over its rival BJP. Think of “One nation, one election” pitch by none other than the BJP’s man of the moment Modi, it seems to serve a serious slap to the very idea with a malicious ploy at work to destabilize the Karnataka Government.

It may well be worth a mention that Congress & JD (s) are themselves to blame for the current crisis having surrendered their sense of belonging, responsibilities & coherent approach to serve people under their party flag. Perhaps the rudderless party with no direction is feeling the heat & it is only expected of more vulnerable to milk the situation to their advantage. But none of their irresponsible behavior & making mockery of the people’s mandate gives BJP any sanction to indulge in alleged inducements & nibble away the opponent’s strength to govern in an act, so unethical & tasteless.

Naturally then the Congress accused the BJP of “denigrating democracy by engineering defections” in Karnataka and attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the culture of Aaya Ram Gaya Ram has attained a new definition and the new word for it is “MODI – Mischievously Orchestrated Defections in India”. Congress has accused the BJP of forming a government through defections in 12 states. It accused BJP of giving a new dimension & definition to “Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram (the culture of defections).”The MLAs are being bought in broad daylight; democracy is being denigrated in broad daylight. The constitution is being trampled upon in broad daylight in Karnataka,” he alleged.

While the current government at the Centre may or may not have a definitive role to play in the emerging crisis in Karnataka, we have heard nothing from the top leadership. Having waxed eloquent on the importance of holding constitutional duty & morality, BJP & its government would find it increasingly difficult to justify the on-going stalemate wrecking the state functioning allegedly at their unwanted intervention.

These are difficult times for democracy. ‘We the people’ must begin to rise against such wanton conduct of our legislators & parliamentarians who have taken us & our vote for granted. We can’t continue to watch as mute spectators such theatrics & open slight by these highly irresponsible & indifferent lot of lawmakers. Such acts are deprecating to say the least & do not bode well for democracy or democratic values.