Never give up or quit: Ronaldo to Singapore schools kids

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo on Thursday recalled his humble beginnings and urged primary level pupils here not to give up on their dreams during a visit to an event to promote the Singapore Olympic Foundation.

“I was from a humble family but my family always gave me the opportunities. My mum and dad said if you want that chance, go and try. So, I went to Lisbon and tried. I played for Sporting, my first club. I tried my luck and I got it,” said the Portuguese football star to some 1,000 primary school students, with whom he knocked the ball around, reports Efe news

“The most difficult part was to leave my family and try to be a professional football player. (…) It was very difficult, I cried sometimes, it was tough,” said the Juventus player, sporting an all-white jersey of the brand he endorses.

“To be a football player is not easy. But any work is not easy if you don’t work, and if you don’t concentrate. But I never thought in my mind to quit this beautiful sport. Whatever you want to be – a football player or a doctor – just believe in your dreams, focus because everything is possible. Never give up, never quit, try and try,” Ronaldo added.

Ronaldo, 34, a former Manchester United and Real Madrid player, visited the school upon the invitation of the Singaporean magnate Peter Lim, the main shareholder of Valencia CF and one of the leading philanthropists in the Singapore Olympic Foundation.