Modi attacks Congress again, says it’s spreading myth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday again attacked the Congress party, saying it was spreading a myth that if it loses an election then it is a loss for the country.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Modi said the Congress was consumed by pride and preferred to look outward without doing any introspection after its disastrous showing in the Lok Sabha battle.

“In 17 states, the Congress could not win even one seat. And it claimed that the country has lost the election. Such statements hurt people who cast their votes in the general election. This is also an insult to the people of the country,” he said.

He emphasized that people, young and old, voted despite extremely harsh and hot weather conditions and that despite the 45 degrees Celsius, the will of the people remained unfazed.

Modi praised the role of the people involving in conducting the elections and actively participating in the election process.

He took a sharp jibe at the opposition parties who claimed that farmers were bribed for votes for a mere Rs 2,000 of government schemes.

“The farmer is a building block of this country. They say that farmers’ votes were bought. This is an insult to 15 crore farmer families in the country.”