Why is it that we hear the Prime minister of India play the victim who has no support or succor coming from anywhere? Strange for the taut looking, wily strategist campaigner, a fierce competitor to be crying wolf when there isn’t any actually? Coming as these emotional outbursts do at the fag end of a protracted poll process, may well be a pointer in the direction of a not so impressive performance by his party in the on-going elections?

But what is this new acronym “Khan Market Gang” meant to convey?  We have heard about Lutyen’s Delhi often being an acronym for the rich & the elite, how different is the new metaphor may be of some interest to the readers. I think this reference is clearly an attempt by the PM to further divide the brand called India into haves & have not’s, the super-rich & the poor. For someone who is known to possess a sharp wit & for whom coining new abbreviations & slogans comes easy, Modi hasn’t used the word “Khan Market Gang” without having considered its power for messaging to the targeted audiences.

One can gauge the absence of any decisive swing or wave in BJPs favour in this election that may have imported such disquiet & frustration in the party. For the all-powerful, perceivably popular PM who made it to the posh Raisina Hills to resort to such victimhood with alarming consistency speaks more than what meets the eye in as far the elections are concerned. Is this his style & way of communicating with the poor & marginalized using his sob appeal for the last phase of the elections? Is this a deliberate ploy to polarize the nation on the basis of economic parameters & sow seeds of dissent amongst the citizens who are anyways burdened with fighting the evils of an already polarized society on the basis of caste & religion.

I wonder why we have to indulge in all this wallowing instead of going back to the drawing board discourse on jobs, economy, agriculture, healthcare, education & infrastructure. Since when has BJP & its master strategist begun to realize that returning to power may have to pass through a labyrinth of reworking, rethinking & redrafting its discourse? Why is it not a done deal for Modi, who has on more than one occasion claimed victory & why does he need to react in such fashion to whatever his opponents may have to say about him & his style of campaigning?

So when he attempts to square off with Rahul Gandhi who he alleged had said of destroying Modi’s image & defeating him in the elections, is he inadvertently walking into the trap laid by the opposition? What was it about clouds assisting our fighter aircrafts going undetected by the enemy forces?  Wouldn’t such assertions & simplistic understanding of science scare the first time & young voter of this country? After all they trust our PM to be a man armed with lot of knowledge & wisdom. Governance I am afraid is not all about keeping awake for 18 hours, maintaining a strict personal regimen, being on strict vegetarian diet & letting out soundbytes to a few chosen ones, once in a while. It is much beyond all this.

Would India be ready for any further polarization & a wedge between those have amasses riches by perseverance & sweat & those who sweat to earn two square meals a day. Never in this history of Independent India has any government or party been known to keep such a prejudiced outlook towards its own people; whether it is the super-rich or the thriving corporate. If anything poor need to be uplifted & India needs to stay United at all times & at all costs. Let us decide what would we like to govern? Bharat that is Akhand or Bharat that stands divided?