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In the age & time, we live in, seeing happy faces is a luxury. Face they say is the index of your mind.


Staying healthy is not a choice. It is a necessity. In a similar way, being happy is not a luxury, it is s state of mind. Just like a sound mind lies in a sound body, conscious living is all about staying in the present. They say worry kills a cat. If there is anyone thing that can mar your chances of a healthy living, it is the stress that gets to you regardless of who you are, what you do. The usual refrain that we hear from today’s generation is that they run short on time. They have deadlines to finish their task & they find it increasingly difficult to concentrate or enjoy eight hours of good sleep. A healthy lifestyle is important not just for your own well-being; it influences others’ lives as well. Today, with the way physiological and mental health problems have become a mammoth concern in the world, it is of a paramount importance for all of us to revisit our lifestyles.

Lifestyles have changed overnight. The pace with which people move about in their daily chores is mind boggling. There seems very little time & patience with anyone & everyone. Every so often, you might have noticed how people react to different situations. For example, too much honking while stuck in traffic, showing aggressive postures more frequently, misbehaving with the elderly, and so on. This is all happening because of enhanced stress levels, which is making things seem even worse for people. Having mentioned that, bringing about necessary changes in lifestyle is the need of the hour. Improving the way you live and lead your life comes with significant benefits.

Each to his own when it came to maintaining a healthy work life balance; But if we were to suggest a few measures based on empirical evidence & research conducted by professionals & medical experts, you may find certain positive change to your mindset & thinking that improves the quality of your life. Some of these thought provoking insights are illustrated blow for your benefits.

Stay Positive
Being eternally optimistic helps; it has such immense power in its labyrinth. Only optimistic people tend to commit to their goals more often than their counterparts. Positivism is contagious. So, having a positive attitude will also inspire others to inculcate positivity in their lives. Studies have shown that a positive attitude also helps build a strong immune system. In other words, your body believes in whatever you think, so strengthen your sense of hope!

Moderate but Frequent Exercise
If there is any sure shot recipe for staying happy & healthy, it is exercising daily. Regular exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It increases immunity, lowers down blood pressure and cholesterol and makes a healthy and stronger heart. Most importantly, exercise keeps your body weight in control. The fact is obesity is one the leading causes of life threatening diseases such as hypertension, heart failure and strokes. In addition to performing your daily dose of exercise, you need to reduce your weight using various other techniques.

Accept Your Guilt
Owning up your mistakes & accepting your guilt are the hallmark of true human. Be gracious enough to own and admit your mistakes. It will always help you to focus on things that are essential for success. It could start a whole new relationship with different people and can also take you to a new direction. Just sit with a cool mind, ask yourself and think through as to what went wrong that made you commit the mistakes. This genuine conversation with yourself will definitely make you better person..
Be Confident
Knowing yourself is knowing the world. It is not what others do to you, instead what you do unto others is what counts for more. Self-belief has an uncanny way of functioning. It does many positive things that provide results you want. It helps you see opportunities and allows you to have clarity of goals. This, in turn, strengthens your perception that you can achieve your goals. Self-belief makes you relax and stimulates reasoning and clarity. As a result, you will be more likely to find proper solutions and creative ways to achieve your goals.

Love your own people
It is the amount & quality of time that you spend with your loved ones which matters a lot to your health & happiness. Spending a good time with friends and family is one of the biggest sources of happiness in our lives. Remaining socially connected boosts your intellect and gives you a sense of support by your closed ones. Your friends and family members are your lifeline and interacting with them on a regular basis makes you happier & tension free. In contrast, if you are lonely you are more prone towards getting a heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Change is the only constant in your life. Accept & adopt change. In general, it is human nature to not accept the status quo, and it is difficult to make changes in your life. More so, any constructive change requires time, energy and commitment that very few people would like to put. So, if you accept any seemingly painful change, celebrate it will take you in the right direction. It’s not that you should turn your life upside down, but small and stepwise changes will structurally change your life for good.

Cultivate a Hobby’
If you haven’t pursued your hobbies so far in your life, now is the time. Take time to get out and see the world with a different perspective, altogether. Passions bring internal satisfaction. Your hobby is something that relieves your mind from unwanted stress, boosts creativity and increases your performance at work. So, don’t let yourself lost in your work alone and fulfill your passions.

Your lifestyle is your life statement. Your attitude defines you & your approach makes you. As a simple philosophy, you’ve got only one life and you should enjoy it, make it productive and live to the fullest!