Sunil Dang

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief
Someone once famously remarked that courts in India especially the SC run a parallel government having to intervene in almost everything concerning the larger good of this grand nation. All roads seem to be leading to the SC in present day India. However when the institution & its chief ombudsman finds himself in the midst of an unpleasant, unprecedented storm in the aftermath of an allegation by a female staffer, it would be in the interest of justice that the CJI has his name cleared of any indiscretion sooner than later.

Given the humongous expectations of 130 crore denizens, it is incumbent upon the highest judiciary that it wins back its pride & esteem as one of the most credible, fair & near infallible court of justice & institutional probity. Almost concurrently it is burdened with a barrage of petitions involving the sensational Rafale issue along with the opposition’s distaste for what they call the intransigence of the election commission of India. It is highly disturbing to know that ECI would take a month to look into indiscretionscommitted by PM Modi & BJP party president Amit Shah in the ongoing polls. It is more about the election commission restoring its own credibility & institutional impartiality than be seen as pro- or anti some dispensation. End of the day, India & its most cherished democratic values must win above everything else. Governments may come & go but the institutions & the edifices built over decades of labor & intellect must survive individual discretions & any perceived sense of favour or fear.

As elections reach a decisive stage, we hear very disturbing assertions of mass desertions at least through claims made by none other than Modi. He has hinted at some 40 odd TMC MLCs being in touch with him & awaiting poll results post which they would join BJP lock stock & barrel. This is an open call for defections & coming as it does from the PM, the same reeks of irresponsibility & an open dare to the law enforcing authorities. Curiously it was during the Rajiv Gandhi era that a bill was passed that denounced such migrations & made them penal crimes. One would expect the authorities to wake up & take notice of such bizarre claims & counter claims.

Pakistan is almost getting to a point where it doesn’t bother too much about its sovereign rights & control of its territory that has now come under direct Chinese influence & supervision. After the snub by most of the lender institutions & cold shouldering by “FATF’, Pakistan is back with a begging bowl in front of its all-weather allies in Saudi Arab & China. Its economy is in tatters & it has nowhere to hide on its tacit support to the terror network that is challenging every semblance of civilized & peaceful co-existence amongst nations. It continues to thwart attempts by Afghanistan to reconstruct & bring the landlocked & fiercely protective nation back to being normal. The mayhem in Sri Lanka has got the world thinking on how to tame this monster called religious terror.

The legendary Jet & its patron in Chief have bowed down from the Skies. Shocking it may sound to you but sixty years after the legendary J.R.D Tata cited the uneconomically low fares & mail rates along with crushing burden of fuel taxation as main reasons on why airlines would go bust, his prophecy keeps coming true till date with Jet airways being the latest casualty of such untamed reasons. So much so that the employees’ federation of the beleaguered airlines had evinced keen interest in running the airlines using their own funds &in the process provide for a million odd families survival & sustenance. It is very poor of the government that hasn’t been of any assistance in the matter thus far & having let down thousands of expectant employees by their uncalled for reticence & indifference.

Let us hope & pray that the left over polling phases continue to attract voters in large numbers. Hopefully the little aberrations or malfunctioning of the EVMs would be minimized & voters allowed a fair & peaceful exercising of their franchise, devoid of any undue influence or last minute tutoring by the candidates. In the meantime let us sit back & wait for the IPL finals on 12th may before messaging our eyes for the ultimate feast on the 23rd.

Jai Ho!