Can Indian Polity waltz out of the old staid, detached & non-committal blend into more pro-active, hands on profession that has the bold & dynamic young India taking on the mantle form their illustrious ones? The rise of anhighly surcharged, emotional yet purposeful working class, fresh from the echelons of the a labyrinth called the corporate world is slowly but steadily asserting itself on the Indian political canvas. The old guard may have only wanted to use their charm & appeal amongst the young voters, but once elected, these men & women who have done exceptionally well in their professions are certain to leapfrog to a more discerning political class sooner than later.

Cut to 2019 & we have a slew of young people in the electoral fray along with those wh0 have grown in the shadow of their family fiefdoms & are now being showcased in the open. But can these emerging faces bring in a positive change to either the polity or the lives of those who have shown their faith in them? Can this gen-next newbies leverage their grasp of corporate governance, use the modern technology and the power of social media, in centering the focus on developmental issues like education, healthcare, jobs, business, infrastructure? Will they have the resolve & gumption to shift the narrative away from caste, patriotic jingoism, polarization and sensationalism to an inclusive India that provides for equal growth & opportunity for all, firms up communal harmony &leads India into a consistently growing economy? That to me the New India we all are looking forward to?

None of us would like to disbelieve that a nation’s youth is its driving force and India is no exception to the rule. However extra care must be shown by those who are entrusted with the responsibility of grooming these powerhouses of energy, enthusiasm & foresight into men & women of exceptional political acumen & understanding of the realities on ground? Can we expect the likes of a Hardik Patel, Kanhaiya, Priyanka Gandhi, Tejaswi Yadav, Chirag Paswan, Vikramditya Singh, Pritam Munde, Aditya Thackeray, Jaiveer Shergill, Nakul Pawar & others to rise to the occasion & usher in a new paradigm in politics?

In a similar vein can we also expect the more established ones, baptized by fire politicians, like Akhilesh, Rahul, Jagan Reddy, Fadnavis, Stalin, Kanimozhi, Supriya, Sachin Pilot, Jayant etc. to show more intent & promise to come to the party & bring in a qualitative change in the ways Indian polity is largely perceived? It is a travesty that despite being the world’s fastest growing economy, the career in Indian politics is last on a youngster’s mind? Not that such indifference is without a reason, however with winds of change gaining speed across the Indian political & social landscape; It is only a matter of time before we see more of the millennial joining the bandwagon. If a youngster is good enough to seek votes for a veteran politician, singing or dancing his way to the crowds, why can’t he see himself as a candidate the next time round?

Easier said than done; Given how parties give tickets to aspiring lawmakers, the chances of the few committed, corporate professionals or those youngsters who have penchant for social service, making the cut are low. How could we create a system that encourages people with zeal, passion & concern to feel more inclined & then let their potential and attitude to make a difference to the larger public good? Seeing this young brigade speak their mind in front of television cameras, one hopes that the day is not far off when they get to drive the vehicle of India’s peace & progress.