There is quiet celebration in Modi’s BJP about the forced ouster or omission of its old guard, the ‘Margdarshak Mandal’ out of the election reckoning. In a shambolic yet clinical manner, almost everyone directly or indirectly opposed to Modi’s brand of politics has been isolated from the scene like cream being skimmed off the milk. Gone are Advanis, Joshis, Sinhas, Shouries, Umas, Sushmas with the wind &into political wilderness. Whether or not such slight of the BJP’s original satraps raises a stink, it is clear that the old order has changed yielding place to new.

But then there is many a slip between the cup & the lip. We could be seeing some kind of rearguard action, overt or covert by the stalwarts that could subvert some of the Modi’s poll promise, come 2019 April-May. It may well turn out that such people of eminence, tall stature & acclaim may turn hot potatoes to handle, with some kind of a backlash brewing just round the corner. Some sleeper sparks in the likes of Subramanian Swamy, ailing Jethmalani, Sanjay Joshi, GoradhanZhapedia, Sinhas&Shouries may turn to flames if they begin looking for oxygen outside. It doesn’t take much for the fire to spread & singe few adversaries in it.

On the eastern border, Thailand is giving its citizenry sleepless nights in the aftermath of a highly controversial election ever in its history. After the polling, there are no clear winners yet & we may nor even get one for some time, considering that the combination of opposition parties who together have more seats than the military backed ruling party have staked claim to form the government. Strangely most of the outsideworld seems to be going through one sort of crisis or the other. Brexit has taken its toll on the incumbent PM Theresa may who has clearlyindicated that she would be hanging her boots, had the parliament approved of her withdrawal plan. But not anymore; She has failed yet again.  

Trump is at it again. In the most dramatic fashion he has signed a declaration that gives Israel absolute control on the disputed Golan Heights in the Gaza area of the Palestine –Arab region. The strategically important plateau has been widely considered under international law to be occupied territory since its 1967 seizure from Syria. By proclaiming Israelis right to its security needs as paramount, I suspect this move by Trump could weaken international prohibitions on acquiring territory by force. It could fuel more unrest in the region & pose security threat to the life & liberty of civilians.

This is not where US has stopped in its muscle flexing over vulnerable states. It has issued a warning to Russia to leave the Venezuelan territoryimmediately where the latter is supposed to have airdropped some of its military personnel & intelligentsia. Russia has neither confirmed nor refuted the charge. It shall be interesting to know how Russians would react to the latest from Trump who actually hasn’t said anything substantive after he made the one innocuous& somewhat dispassionate statement days earlier.

On the economic front, more is coming out of the erstwhile Governor Raghuram Rajan’s stable. In a recent interview, he has obliquely yet tactfully disputed the number mongering by the BJP government of various indices involving our GDP in particular & economy in general. He uses the word dissonance while explaining the mismatch between the rates of growth dished out & the corresponding increase or decrease in the employment ratios. It does appear that the penchant of the incumbent government to hood wink the public stems from the very unsatisfactory & unreliable data storing or computing mechanism existing in our country. So anything & everything the government says has to be accepted with a pinch of salt, howsoever tangy; Remarkable indeed of people who swear by nationalism & its ethos.

With elections having reached peak overtones, we see more turncoats & opportunist politicians shifting allegiances & loyalties in the direction of the wind. Depending on an individual state dynamic, we see a flurry of such cross-country enthusiasts & this may carry on for few more days & months to come. It is instances like these that have dissuaded genuine professionals from entering electoral politics & made some technocrats & academic geniuses loath the bizarre of the political work. We hear a Prashant Kishore expressing frustration at the manner his boss in RJD flips conveniently when it comes to taking responsibility whilst demonstrating tremendous interest in mooting ideas at the same time.

But isn’t that the beauty of elections without manifestos?

Jai Ho!