And the Trumpet blows



Is it a sheer coincidence that few high profile meetings involving one by the cabinet committee on security affairs & the other by finances ministry officials, both chaired by PM were followed by an announcement on twitter that PM would be addressing the nation at about 11:45AM? The nation waited with bated breath upon hearing of this sudden hooter. It may have sounded normal in any other situation for a PM to address the nation. But when it comes to Mr. Modi, there is an apparent anticipation & anxiety related to such messaging on the social media. While some were loath to hazard any guesses, some could be heard clasping their fists & consoling their psyche that nothing as untoward as the 16th Nov 2016 announcement on Demonetization shall repeat itself all over again. Few had even braced for some breaking news about some military adventure on the border.

Could this be that the current dispensation thrives on whipping up some frenzy amongst the electorate that is by now seized of the drama, antics & disquiet attached to most of what this government indulges in? Has it become second nature to BJP to up the ante, create hysteria, build up enormous anticipation before tom-toming about something as routine & indigenous to India & Indian people, its scientists, technocrats, engineers or armed forces. That PM is hungry for undiluted attention is borne by the fact that all media management was utilized in such heroic fashion before the news of DRDO scientists having shot down a low orbit satellite 300 kms from Abdul kalam base in Orissa. Whether this satellite belonged to India or to other country is unclear.

Poetic justice to the man who was the brain behind such missions at ISRO/DRDO & the subsequent launch of various satellites & development of missile technology; But these missions also got us sanctioned by the big powers including the US. Notable in the recent mission tough is the not so potential umbrage by the same forces, but their apparent eye on the developing Indian market for such adventures. It is no brainer that the world &the US sees in India a huge potential for arms as well as other exports that can drive in enormous value to their economies. So while we could hear some murmurs, we may not hear outright condemnation & much less the censoring that could have been anticipated any other time. But that this sort of dynamic can be reaped harvest from can only be expected of a headline building government that doesn’t leave any opportunity to chance to seeking brownies.

Hasn’t India like any other developing or under-developed country been tilled for windfall gains by the developed economies by exploring one market vertical or the other. How many would have forgotten the sequence of beautypageants won by Indian women as if all beauty Gods &Goddesseshaddescended down to our part of the world & made it their own home for ever. We wouldsee an ocean of influx by way of cosmetics, beauty tips, grooming centers, equipment. Spas & fitness centers

Mushroom up in every nook & cranny of our country. We now see a Déjà vu of sorts albeit this time the market vertical is one of small, Medium range firepower, artillery, rifles, ammunition, star wars equipment, fighter aircrafts, space wars technology & surveillance machines. India being the pedestrian nation in terms of its ramping up off intelligentsia & defense sector requirements, the outside powers are only gay inundating this market with all sorts of weaponry & yet squeak at times making all other believe otherwise.

But some may argue that the current Indian dispensation doesn’t have a choice, when we are seeking some equivalence of reciprocity from the biggies in censoring criminals like Masood Azhar & Jaish.