Sunil Dang

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

India stands united in this hour of grief & national mourning. The gruesome, barbaric & inhuman terror attack by Pakistan sponsored Jaish that killed scores of our brave CRPF personnel, deserves utmost & unequivocal condemnation. This incident has brought to the fore a new pattern of targeted killings by enemies of India, using humans as suicide bombers. But at the same time, this does not absolve the security agencies, the central Government & the state administration of their duty to perceive any such attack by the inimical forces & be ever-ready to pre-empt such massive assault on our nation. The nation is outraged & it is about time that India demonstrated some nerve & spine to weed out this scourge of terrorism from our soil.

Leaders across all political parties have condemned this dastardly attack. In a rare show of solidarity & respect to the martyrs, condolences came thick & fast from across the political divide. USA, Russia & a host of other nations have condemned this brutal attack that has the potential to vitiate world peace & amity.  

Oceans away, Trump has finally been able to convince, albeit partly, the congress on approving a fund for building the Mexico wall/barriers. In the process, he may have learnt a lesson or two on legislative business that is anchored to time tested democratic values & bipartisan support; only if the likes of Trump could adhere to these principles while dealing with the outside world too; This planet would be more peaceful & progress could permeate beyond the pacific, if the US & most other developed nations could spare the miserly others their constant mauling, sanctioning & bullying. Should the world be united against such hegemony that has disturbed the very credo of peaceful co-existence & respect of others sovereign rights. Meanwhile let us celebrate the emergence of two Indian born (Out of 05) women candidates running for 2020 Presidential nominees. Who knows America may well have its first ever woman President of Indian roots, something the illustrious torchbearer Hillary Clinton could not achieve.

 In India we are back to Knock Knock politics overtaking the developmental governance that we are otherwise entitled to as common citizens. The unprecedented, never ending flurry of political whodunit & witch hunt, aimed at browbeating into submission, every potent threat to BJP’s electoral prospects is very disturbing. The ruling party seems hell bent on chasing its opponents to breaking point by letting loose all enforcement agencies & opening afresh decade’s old cases of alleged omission & commission. The timing & intent both are highly suspect.

 Amidst all this political brinkmanship, BJP find itself in a highly vulnerable situation. While it is most certainly wary of a ‘Mahaghatbandhan’ (Pre-Poll amalgamation), it has almost conceded the impending aftermath by way of its pre-emptive & vindictive actions. So when SP leadership is stopped from entering Allahabad & ED is summoning one opponent after another, almost concurrently & just days before the election, it only points to a realisation that self proclaimed invincibility may well be a short-lived myth.  

 CAG report on Rafale is out. We aren’t least amused by the timing. Coming as it does on the last day of current parliament session, one can only surmise why? Frankly speaking, the report is a mixed bag for the government as well as the opposition, both claiming moral victory & in the process ensuring that the shrill debate around Rafale does not die anytime soon. Going by CAG observation that Dassault may have saved itself more money by not signing banking & performance guarantees, this in itself has blunted the government’s defence of having extracted a better deal than what was negotiated by UPA. The offsets shroud notwithstanding, we suspect if the ruling party has achieved any good by way of this report, save for buying itself trifle refuge under semantics & corollaries. The report is now on its way to the PAC. Irrespective of this technical journey, one must take into account the damning revelations made by a leading English daily about this deal & how rules & procedures were brazenly flouted. These are important questions the nation would like to have answers to.  Interestingly it is the same publication that had broken the Bofors story in eighties.

Lastly, India doesn’t have to worry about its T20 series loss to New Zealand. We have adequate firepower, bench strength & resolve to defend our World cup title in June.

 Jai Ho!