The occasional statement on Kashmir with oblique reference to human rights are an old tactic, an attempt at staying relevant to the issue, when whole of J&K is an inalienable, integral part of India.


At a time when large swathes of East Africa, middle east, parts of eastern Europe & parts of central Asia continue to battle acute poverty, malnutrition, lack of basic health care, primary  education, communicable diseases, immigration & closed borders, UN authority & role in mitigating such sufferings & inhuman conditions is under a cloud. Looking at such plight & abject neglect by powers to be including the holy cow called UN, one can’t but help laugh at the innocuous interventions by the top body on insignificant matters involving two countries.

So when a pliable officer at the highest seat of world peace & harmony refers to some sort of an investigation into a non-existent issue, the very authority, respect & sanctity of the institution comes into the cross hairs of an otherwise avoidable discussion & debate. What also becomes unpalatable & uncharitable is the unilateral, biased view & opinion about a hitherto bilateral issue at a time when the whole world is sick & tired of the shenanigans of a state that sponsors global terror. It is a different question that India has been shouting from every pedestal, every forum & every responsible platform to the outside world on the consequences of turning a blind eye to this menace that has gripped humanity in its vicious tentacles. Sad that it took a 11/9 for the world & UN to see what India has been a victim of for decades now. Pakistan’s track record of using instrument of terror as its state policy is anything but an open secret  

UN must be exasperated with events in Afghanistan & Pakistan as a interminable vortex of terror.  So it becomes laughable & a point to ponder when an odd call or a careless reference to non-existent issues like Kashmir which at best is a bilateral issue between India & Pakistan is raised by the very authority mandated to usher in sanity & restore humanity from being vandalised by rogue forces like Pakistan. To put things in perspective, there have been innumerable dialogues, debates, bilateral & subsequent resolutions & joint statements adopted that give India a legitimate right to whole of Jammu & Kashmir. Our parliament has passed a resolution to this effect in 1996. So does the Shimla accord between two countries, the Lahore declaration as many other interjections sealed this issue for ever? UNMOGIP has lost its relevance in as far as it was only supposed to be an observer group overseeing the cease fire of 1948 post J &K’s accession to India.

It is of very little significance then what a former UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein had to say of an investigation of human rights violation in Kashmir. History is not kind to those who are motivated more by personal beliefs & agendas & whose utterances can be as prejudiced as broad daylight. India very righty has termed this statement highly objectionable & an unnecessary overreach by the UN of its charter of responsibilities concerning a bilateral issue. If anything UN is under a severe & solemn duty & obligation to world at large to redirect its focus on the terror havens & sanctuaries thriving in Pakistan that has heaped unending misery to humanity perpetrated deaths & disaster across the globe including 11/9 & Afghanistan. It may also be a matter of record at UN that the worlds’ most dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden was captured from a highly fortified military colony of Abbottabad by the US seals in a daring pre-dawn operation. UN would also be seized of the inhuman & barbaric acts of violence against women including Nobel Laureate Malala Yousuf zai, the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir, Baluchis from Baluchistan as well as the atrocities perpetrated by militant organisations & fundamentalist forces across the globe. Every investigation, every act of terror including one on 26/11 in Mumbai have found their origin to Pakistan & its ISI in cahoots with the army.

Hopefully the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres must have reiterated all such brazen facts in his conversation with Imran Khan, the Pakistan PM, who it is said had a telephonic conversation with him recently. UN secy. general must also have sought a report on POK where persecution & discrimination on the basis of caste, religion & tribe continue to expose its dubious character. It is also expected that Guettres would have raised the issue of Mumbai terror attack & its mastermind Hafiz Saeed, a UN proscribed terrorist, accorded state patronage by Pakistan.

While we find it normal for heads of state to have a conversation with UN chief once in a while, it would be a sham, were these calls to emanate from the territory that is infested lock, stock & barrel with anti-humanity elements. Those who are hell bent upon disturbing word peace & order; A state that has abdicated its sovereign responsibility & a pledge to the UN, as a signatory to maintaining peaceful & cordial relations with all other member states & not letting its territory to be used for launching terror attacks across oceans, mountains & borders. UN would do well to rein in the behemoth, the terror factory called Pakistan if it were to look at any semblance of peace in Afghanistan & the rest of the world.

It is time India put all its cards on the table & let UN know of its deep dismay, disgust & frustration with its unsolicited, uncalled for observations that raise more questions than answers about UN & its role as a genuine watchdog & not a partisan group or a cozy club of few, or for that matter a platform which errs on the side of caution & counsel. It is also time that India either ignored such mischief mongering by Pakistan which is nothing but a part of their state doctrine to take the attention away from its own domestic rumblings, whenever it found under the debris of deceit & falsehood or go hammer & tongs in its diplomatic, economic & political isolation of the rogue country. We must not falter or tire getting the tag of a terror state to Pakistan.

It may be pertinent to mention that India has not ever found any need or desire to approach the group ever since its role & responsibility has ceased & been nullified in a sovereign country such as ours. It is only a matter a time before our government asks the UN to vacate any remnants of its physical existence on our land.

It is sheer irony that while UNMOGIP acknowledges the intrusion by Pakistani troops disguised as tribesmen into Kashmir soon after Independence as a covert operation to forcefully occupy this territory; it fails to recall its own observation of such a monstrous fact in any of its dossiers on Kashmir. As reiterated earlier, India finds UNMOGIP a colossal waste of resources & time more so in the aftermath of various bilateral accords & agreements like the one signed in Shimla in 1971 by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and then President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto stipulating that Kashmir was a bilateral issue with no role for third parties.

Time we walked the talk. Time we told Pakistan to mend ways & mind its own business.