Expecting Logjam In Coming Winter Session

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

After the opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, speculations are rife about Pakistani Prime Minister sending invite to the Indian premiere for the SAARC summit which has been hanging in limbo for near two years. At a time when majority of the SAARC nations are going through the financial crisis with Chinese debt being one of the reasons for that crisis, New Delhi can take lead over China and pave way for the resolution of this financial crisis. India playing big brother’s role in SAARC is now acceptable to all member nations including Pakistan because Islamabad has been hinting to backtrack from its age old Kashmir policy. So, when Imran Khan would send SAARC invite to Indian PM Narendra Modi, I hope he would have the idea of these diplomatic developments in South Asia.

The five state elections are on but in between the conduct of polls and its result there would be change of guard at the Election Commission as OP Rawat would be replaced by Sunil Arora on December 2nd. But, like many a psephologists, I am not ready to buy the nomenclature of ‘semi final of 2019’ for these five state elections because state elections are fought on local issues. But, to my surprise, the psephological findings are quite contrasting. Rajasthan where the victory margin in 2013 was around 12 percent is being expected to turn the tide this time while in Madhya Pradesh where the margin of victory was around 7 percent is witnessing close fight. However, in Chhattisgarh, where the margin of victory was around half a percent is expected to maintain the status quo. For me it reflects nothing but beauty of the democracy where you have to perform to avoid perish. But, it’s for sure that outcome of these five state elections hold key to the formation of anti-BJP front led by the Congress Party.

As the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls are nearing, terrorism is on the rise. Now, it has spread from the Kashmir Valley to Punjab through K2. What is intriguing for me is as to why terrorism has started to spread its wings in Punjab when the Akalis are out of power. Further up north the J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik has dissolved the state assembly citing jolt to the terrorists operating in the valley while at the same time  both Congress and the BJP are at loggerheads to stake claims for opening of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor– I am expecting an uphill task for the NDA government in the upcoming Winter Session where they need to get around two dozen of bills passed without cross sectional support of Ananth Kumar, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister who recently died of cancer.


After ruckuses over payment of tax in Walmart-Flipkart deal, the Income Tax Department has slapped notices to Bansal’s and 35 other shareholders of the Flipkart, questioning the total income raised from the sale of their equity stake in the company. The IT department aims to assess the capital gains that have accrued by the Flipkart founders and the equity stakeholders with this deal. Reportedly, the Walmart-Flipkart deal is expected to help the government mop up over $1.3 Billion (Rs 10,000 Cr) in taxes — an amount which is enough to pare the revenue losses that the Indian Government has accrued after the implementation of the GST. The IT department has been reviewing Section 9 (1) of the IT Act, which deals with indirect transfer provisions, to see if the benefits under the bilateral tax treaties with countries like Singapore and Mauritius could be applicable to foreign investors who sold their stake to Walmart.

The World Cup Hockey is taking place in India for the first time. Hope it would bring the same laurels for the sports that cricket got after India hosted it for the first time in India in 1987.

Jai Ho!