Rafale Can Be BJP’s Bofors

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

Post mid-term elections in the US, America is buzzing with the talks of next presidential polls. Since, Trump would be an incumbent from the Republicans; speculations are about the possible Democrat nominee for the 2020 White House bid. There are more than a dozen names hovering in the cloud but three names — Republican Nikki Haley and Democrats Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Devi Harris — got my eyelid blip because these three are Indo-Americans who have made their names on their wit and grit in the American politics. Ironically, these three belongs to three different communities as Nikki Haley is a Sikh, Tulsi Gabbard is a Hindu and Kamala Harris is a Christian. These three have a wide acceptability in the American community and adding the NRI votes in it, they can be a befitting reply to Donald Trump who still believes ‘America First’ may help him win next term in the White House. While Nikki Haley is known as ‘Great Negotiator’ Kamala Harris is known as ‘Lady Obama’ in the US. So, any one of these three giving Trump a run for his money would be an interesting poll that the entire world would love to watch.

It’s around a year since Rafale started to hit the headlines but neither opposition nor any institutions like CAG, CVC or the Supreme Court which is hearing the Rafale PIL has asked the reason for offset deal when there is only 36 ready to fly aircraft will be bought? But, the Rafale ruckus has definitely destabilized the BJP. When they ask about the evidence over the allegations over Rafale deal, they know institutions like CAG, CBI, CVC, Supreme Court etc. can propel the authenticity of the allegation, which can put them into an embarrassing situation and they have started to prepare for that as well. After CBI, CVC and RBI, now I can see the institution of CJI being added to the list as questions like who is the Chief Justice of India, what is his connection with the Congress have already started to flood the social media domain. However, in my opinion, if the Congress party manages to defeat Narendra Modi in 2019, Rafale would become a political weapon that would help Congress counter the Bofors charges. But, if Modi comes out victorious, the Rafale matter would go into the debris like various other allegations.

When elections arrive, it is normal practice that leaders from the laggard party start switching loyalty to the party which is front runner in the poll fray. In the last few months, a large number of BJP leaders have joined the Congress Party in Rajasthan, which indicates that Congress has an edge over the incumbent Vasundhara Raje government. However, same can’t be said in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh as reports of turncoat are very little in both BJP and Congress camps this time. But, lack of turncoats is a good sign for the Congress Party as it indicates a close fight this time in MP and Chhattisgarh. But, in Telangana, KCR had thought that the opposition was not ready for polls and with the goodwill he has earned throughout the state; he would sail through the poll test with ease. But, to his surprise, both the Congress and the TDP combine have made the Telangana Assembly poll war into 119 local elections battles because unlike KCR, his MLAs don’t command the same goodwill.. More importantly, KCR is not Modi who can negate local anti-incumbency with his presence. So, I will be eagerly waiting for the Telangana results as it will be indicative of the Congress Poll Plan for the 2019 general elections and possible solution to the ‘Modi Wave.’

Binni Bansal has finally resigned from Flipkart after allegations of misbehaviour with a female colleague. He had to resign after the filing of a neutral probe report by a law firm, which was appointed by the Wal-Mart. In the time of #MeToo, Walmart has taken a step in the right direction by fast tracking investigation into allegations. Foreseeably, this shall not only reduce instances of instances of misdemeanor but also help a healthy working environment.

Jai Ho!