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Dynasts Have Interest In Legacy of Their Ancestors

Read the cover story ‘Hypocrisy of Dynasts’ and want to agree with the author that Indian dynasts in politics are interested in claiming the political legacy as natural heir of the party incepted by their ancestors. But, they have little interest in ideology their parents fought for. The way Akhilesh Yadav left his father Mulayam Singh Yadav for achieving his own goals, Jaganmohan Reddy is fighting with Congress though both such leaders want to keep the political legacy of their father whose political ideology was just opposite of their scions.

Kusum Jha, Patna

Jaitly, Urijit Patel Should Learn From Past

Government and the central bank have had disagreements, but the relationship has never looked so irretrievably broken as it does now. Indian lenders didn’t know how to model risks, and a conservative central bank wasn’t letting them use credit derivatives to manage them. Pressure from Finance Minister P Chidambaram to open up the banking industry to foreign competition almost led to the resignation of then RBI Governor YV Reddy. The spat, which never became public, was soon overshadowed by the 2008 meltdown, when the central bank won global praise for its mistrust of high finance. Hope, Jaitley and RBI Governor had learnt from this past.

Shweta Singh, New Delhi

Paddy Burning Has Become Routine Practice

Including Delhi-NCR, India is home to nine of the world’s 10 most-polluted cities. Beyond the health risks, the smog crisis threatens to erode competitiveness just when the country is starting to boast of rapid improvements in its ease-of-doing-business rankings. No matter how hard the authorities try to discourage private vehicles, shut down coal-fired power plants, or curb construction and heavy industry, Delhi’s air quality stands no chance as long as 30 million tons of paddy stubble goes up in flames over 15 to 20 days. In late October and early November, pollution alternates between very poor and severe.

Abhijit Kale, Bulandshahar

Who Trusts US Polls?

If polls were correct Hillary Clinton would be President and Donald Trump would have remained a builder. But almost all of them were completely wrong. So Donald Trump is President and Hillary Clinton is still dreaming of being President. What has all this got to do with today? Well, the war against Trump is now in the battlefield of the Congressional elections, which will be held tomorrow. And a sudden spate of polls just before voting day are again showing a 7-15 point lead for the Democrats in generic polls.

Simone, Kansas