TV is not for the faint of heart: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts says she has realised that television is not for people with faint heart after doing her first TV series “Homecoming”, based on a fiction podcast of the same name.

“I heard the podcast and loved it because it harkened back to listening to a story together on the radio or on books out loud and you’re imagining everything. I think that is where the inspiration as artists starts, imagining what it would look like,” Roberts said at a panel discussion at Prime Video Presents 2018 here.

“I was really attracted to that and when Sam (Esmail, the showrunner) called me. We seem to be like different people but we are kind of the same but my hair is much longer — and we were like 20-year friends,” she joked.

Roberts also said: “TV is not for the faint of heart for sure but we were very efficient and aligned and we had great momentum. I kind of played two characters, in that way it was a great fun challenge for me.”

In the series, the actress will be seen as Heidi — a caseworker at an titular agency which is helping soldiers re-adjust to life at home. But the agency is also involved in something dark.

“There were some organisation things that I’m not used to, the map of what we don’t know has happened and what we do know,” she said about her experience of working in a TV show.

“I can’t say that I’ve worked in television because Sam made an effort on my behalf to shoot it as a movie would be,” she added.

“Homecoming” will stream on Amazon Prime Video from November 2. And Esmail has already confirmed that there will be a second series of the show.