Can Yashwant Sinha Create VP Singh’s Magic?

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, the Iran government handed over the Chabhar Port to India that seems to have irked the American regime. In reaction to this, the US administration announced to review the Indo-Iran relations. Now, it’s up to New Delhi as to how they handle this diplomatic crisis because being the largest democracy of the world, India has always maintained ‘no third party interference’ into its bi-lateral relations. Hopefully, India will not succumb to the American Pressure and Indian diplomats would successfully row Indian boat out of this crisis as they did during the defense purchase deal with Russia winning the White House waiver to negate any chances of the US sanctions in future as India can ill afford any kind of resistance on Chabhar Port, which can solve majority of its problems related to export, import and oil purchase. The US has upped its ante against Indian arch rival China too. The dragons too are under enormous pressure on trade and OBOR front. They are finding it hard to counter the US allegation that China is creating economic colony by lending loans at a very high rate of interest to the OBOR beneficiary nations, which these small nations are unable to repay. In fact, China is facing wrath of the public in general in these nations for their precarious conditions which has jeopardized its ambitious ‘Belt and Road’ Project. Hope, Chinese have an understanding that they can settle the few people living in the government but not the public in general.

These days, there is debate going on ‘whether the BJP is going through the same phase through which Congress went in 1989.’ Will the former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha with his four close aides inside the party would do what VP Singh, who was incidentally too was a former Finance Minister,  did to Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 with his four aides? Like VP Singh, Sinha too has left BJP and is in mood to give the Narendra Modi government to run for its money in coming general elections. Like Rajiv Gandhi, Modi too is facing allegations of irregularities in banks NPA, demonetization and Rafale aircraft deal. Let’s see, as VP Singh brought down Congress numbers from 404 to 197, whether Yashwant Sinha succeeds in bringing ‘voterloo’ for the Narendra Modi government or not?

These days’ institutions like CBI, ED, Income Tax etc., have been hitting the headlines for their raids on various regional party leaders reflecting the BJP mindset that regional parties like Trinmool, BSP, SP, NCP, BJD, RJD, DMK, YSRC, ShivSena are cowards and can be threatened through these institutions to toe the BJP line. At this juncture, I would like to correct the BJP think tank that such one step pumps the local party workers of the party as these regional parties are standing on the strong support of deep grass root party workers. Even the recent BSP Supremo’s blast on both BJP and Congress over fuel price rise was a bluff as party insiders in both parties are of the opinion that both Congress and the BSP are on verge of sealing their alliance along with seats and candidates by mid October. Only concern for opposition is Amit Shah’s poll strategy that has scaled up the poll cost too high. But, for their kind attention, in 1977, when entire opposition was up against the Congress Party, Indira Gandhi too had come with the same idea to defeat the united opposition but still result was against her imagination. So, BJP should realize when people come out to fight elections, money becomes irrelevant.

On rising bank NPA, what ruling and the opposition parties are doing is called pure politics because they are not taking names of any major defaulter though it is in the public domain that near 25 percent of the net bank NPA is constituted by 12 corporate that deals in steel and power sector. While the NPA has reached Rs 10 lakh crore levels, the RBI is still not ready to disclose the list of willful defaulters even after repeated reprimands from the Supreme Court. It is surprising to see even Competition Commission of India (CIC) is not taking cognizance of this RIB’s stand. Have CIC and RBI too have become a politically motivated organization that takes stand on the basis of their convenience?

In sports, Indian Sport Ministry must take cognizance of our traditional supremacy getting challenged these days. After hockey, we recently witnessed an unceremonious exit of the Kabaddi team from the Asiad in league stage. And adding salt to those wounds, our cricket team lost to England 4-1 in test series. Does Ravi Shastri still believe this team is the best side that played in last twenty years?

Jai Ho!