Make National Calendar for Natural Disaster

Sunil Dang

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan — all bordering the Caspian Sea — have signed an agreement to establishes a formula for dividing up its resources and prevents other powers from setting up a military presence there. Not only is it an important step in the easing of regional tensions, but the deal over the world’s largest inland body of water matters for several reasons. At a time, when the US has come out of the Iran Deal and announced sanctions against Iran, this deal benefits Iran in by securing the clause that bars any armed presence on the Caspian other than that of the five littoral states. So, this deal has put forth a strong message to the global community that Russia is a fair weather friend and it stands with its friends in open. Now, China would also follow shoot and so will more nations, who blasted Trump for breaking an international deal unilaterally. They may also come forward to support Iran through Saudi Arabia’s way and avoid US sanctions in the wake of continuing bi-lateral trade and relations with Tehran.

Over the last few years, we have increasingly become targets of various types of natural disasters like cyclone, flood, earthquake etc. that kill hundreds of people. However, there are some regular disasters which can be avoided if there is an annual calendar for natural disaster like that of the US. For example, every year we come across flood in Bihar and Eastern UP falling near Nepal border, rain caused flood in Mumbai, land slide in Uttarakhand during rainy season etc., which indicates that our government is not serious about containing these problems. They are more interested in ex-gratia payments. However, if they use that amount ahead of the disaster in making the natural disaster calendar for disaster preparedness for whole year, it would not only help losses but sustain developmental process in the region. Hope, after the Kerala flood, government has idea of it and they would revive the National Disaster Management Authority, which is lying idle for around four years.

In centre-state friction, most of the times state governments have been found complaining that centre is not allowing them to execute their programs meant for the development of state citizens. Such claims have found weight after the Delhi High Court reprimand the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) over cases slapped against the AAP legislators in Delhi. But, my question is, how many times courts would come forward and solve the state-centre tussle when there is acute shortage of judges in the Indian judicial system. There is vacancy lying near 420 in various Indian High Courts and if we go into the lower courts, these number rises up to around 5000. When state development is directly proportional to the national development, the central government shouldn’t linger the appointment of judges as it would help offload the extra burden of the Indian judiciary.

Recently while responding to questions on Maratha quota protests Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said, “Let us assume the reservation is given. But there are no jobs because in banks, the jobs have shrunk because of IT. The government recruitment is frozen.” Knowingly or unknowingly, senior BJP leader has accepted the opposition allegation in regard to job creation. In fact, the Indian currency making new low against the Green Back is also because of the lowering productivity, which destabilized our ability to hold Rupee against the US dollar. It’s an alibi, which the Indian government is giving that national currency has fallen due to the Turkey Crisis. When we don’t have that much of a strong trade bond with Turkey, how can it have an impact on our national currency to the extent that a new low is created? In last fortnight, India has lost some luminaries of their respective fields like Somnath Chatterjee, Bhishm Narayan Singh, RK Dhavan, VS Naipaul (UK-based author of Indian origin). These rare leaders of their fraternity let us know how to keep people with you while standing with truth.

When this issue would hit the stall, India will be celebrating its 72nd Independence Day. On this day, Modi would be standing for fifth occasion to address the nation. I strongly believe that from this address, Modi will kick-start his bid for Lok Sabha polls 2019. So, have fun with our leader’s electoral jibes and take part in the kite festival on the Independence Day. But, don’t use Chinese thread that harms not just birds but also humans.

Jai Ho!