Open House

Open House

Jaitley May Lose to His Detractors Inside BJP

Read the cover story ‘Modi’s Master’ and want to inform that what remains to be seen now is how actively he would be involved in formulating strategies for 2019 Lok Sabha elections to ensure Modi’s return as Prime Minister. Arun Jaitley is no doubt emerged as one of the strongest leaders of the BJP in last few years and Narendra Modi is taking is suggestions seriously, especially if it’s related to governance and across party line politics in New Delhi. In fact, in Nitish Kumar coming back to NDA folds, it’s mainly due to the back room politics of Arun Jaitley and his lieutenants in Bihar BJP unit. However, the way he has been fighting with his ill health and his detractors becoming active in this precarious health situation, I have doubts that he would be able to regain his position in the party again as rolling stone can’t grow moss, especially in Indian politics.

Shubham Jain, New Delhi

RIP Nano, India’s Cheapest Car

A moment of silence, please, for the world’s cheapest car, which has all but died in India. It was almost 10 years old. The Nano’s death was confirmed by production numbers: Tata Motors Ltd. produced 1 unit in June, down from 275 in the same month last year. Exports were zero, versus 25 in June 2017. The company acknowledged that the car in its present form cannot continue beyond 2019. The expiry of the people’s car, as Tata Motors branded it in 2008, holds lessons for automakers hoping to make it in India: While consumers may be value-conscious, cutting costs to the bone in pursuit of a gimmicky claim to fame is no use if the end result is a second-rate vehicle with a tendency to catch fire.

Shashwati Mukherjee, Kolkata

Astonished to See Kejriwal Celebrating Supreme Court Ruling

I am astonished to see AAP celebrating the Supreme Court because it has ruled nothing new. It has only reiterated the existing norm that an elected government is the principal authority in a state administration. The confusion arises because Delhi is a state and yet not a state. It has an elected legislature in which the party commanding a majority forms a government, but its powers are restricted because the National Capital Territory is a union territory in which the writ of the centre (and therefore that of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs) is final, executed through the L-G. In an earlier order, the High Court had in fact stated that the Lt. Governor has the power to over-rule the state government in a union territory — something the state government had challenged.

Pitambar Pahuja, Lucknow

Pak Has Finally Shifted from Military to Governance Through Democracy

Considering that for more than half its life as an independent nation, Pakistan has been under four military dictators and that as many as 15 Prime Ministers have failed to complete their term owing to military or judicial intervention, does the fact that two democratically elected governments, those of the Pakistan People’s Party (2008-13) and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (2013- 18), have both completed their terms, respected election outcomes and peacefully transferred power indicate that the Pakistan polity has finally shifted structurally from direct military rule to governance through parliamentary democracy.

Ashfaq Ahmed Khan, Istambul