Changing Global Order

Sunil Dang

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

The world witnessed the historic Singapore submit on 12th of June where for the first time ever a  sitting President of the United States of America met with a leader of north Korea. It is clear that while trump opened his cards, Kim kept his plans to his chest. The two leaders signed a document that essentially reiterated promises North Korea has already made to its Southern neighbour, extracted no new or concrete concessions to demonstrate Pyongyang was committed to denuclearization, and further, spoke of “security assurances” the dictator had long sought from the United States. China further appealed for lifting of sanctions imposed on Communist North Korea. The outcome of the summit is not just limited to North Korea, China was able to achieve its key objective of minimizing American aura and reemphasis the changing global power structures.

Maldives and Pakistan are set to elect new governments. Being the biggest SAARC nation, India should play a constructive role and win some goodwill in the neighboring countries. China, as is already well documented in terms of massive economic investments, is eyeing the election of these two SAARC nations. So, India needs a futuristic approach else we will continue to stay caught in spats with neighboring countries.

The debate on reservation for SC’s/ST’s and OBC’s in jobs and promotions is back in news. RSS has categorically said that reservation should be on the basis of economic criteria and not on the basis of caste. This public stance of the RSS lead to the poll debacle in Bihar for the BJP. Hence, leaders like Ram Vilas Paswan, conceivably against the wishes of Mohan Bhagwat, have guided the party to create a public perception that the reservation for the historically disadvantaged communities will be maintained and that the Supreme Court judgment that stated that general category government servants should gain their rightful seniority will be challenged. It is essential for the BJP to play this narrative out in order to prove its metal in the 2019 elections. However, it’s also true that the BJP will not contradict the mandates set by the RSS, essentially, one can say that the coming days will be full of empty promises for the SC/ST community.

These days it seems like Congress is a worried party while the BJP is a hurried party. Both parties have high stakes in the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Decisive electoral victories in these state polls will provide momentum to their bid to win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The ground realties of the Grand Old Party after Rahul Gandhi became the party President can now be seen playing out in the favour of the party. Rahul Gandhi is known to promote young leaders and push for internal party democracy from the grassroots level. But, this passion for promoting the Young Turks of the congress party does not come at the cost of ignoring experience of veteran leaders. He is trying to strike a balance between a tried and tested, veterans and young blooded, in each state like Sheila-Maken, Gehlot- Sachin Pilot, Kamal Nath- Jyotiraditya etc. This strategy is seen to set the alarm bells of at most BJP state offices.

The BJP introduced many new legislations to improve the ease of doing business in the country dealing with areas, such as,  black money, hawala transactions, Benami properties etc. To top it off demonetisation and GST was imposed to aid formalization of the Indian economy. However, authorities and commissions that have to be set up on the basis of these legislations are yet to be set up fully. An example of this dysfunction can be seen with reference to the benami property act where seized benami properties will have to be handed back. This has got to be shock for the NDA that has been the flag bearer for land acquisition for development & public goods.

National Politics plays out in conniving and sharp ways. Ex finance minister P. Chidambaram son has got bail with reference to his money laundering case with a rider that he won’t be arrested till the10th of July. Any arrest after that date is going to be awfully close to the monsoon session, potentially resulting in a major stand off and boycott by the Congress party. This will play well in the hands of the BJP— resulting in no debate over the no-confidence motion orthe sorry state of the Indian Economy and dismal job creation.

This issue will hit the stands on the day of Eid and a day after the opening ceremony of the FIFA world cup. The dayafter wishes “Eid Mubarak” and all the football enthusiasts an enjoyable football season ahead.

Jai Ho!