Open House (Letter to Editor)

Open House

BSP Alliance Is Helping Allies Not Mayawati

Read the cover story ‘BSP’s Elephant Walk’ and want to disagree with the author that BSP has that much of presence now. What the author has given as an assertion to support his story are those which were considered as trickle down of the Kanshi Ram legacy. After Mayawati took over, the BSP has been nose diving because Mayawati is unable to find the second line leader as Kanshi Ram did by taking Mayawati alongside her. In fact, she is more focused in UP than other states. Therefore, when she is fast becoming irrelevant in her own state she comes from, she has taken shelter of alliance like other regional opposition parties. But, these steps won’t bear fruit as quick as the BSP is in need of good poll show. The Karnataka verdict is glaring example of it. Her alliance with the BSP has helped JD(S) but BSP is still not able to make its presence felt in the assembly when we talk in terms of numbers. Similarly, if it allies with the Congress Party in MP and Chhattisgarh, it would help Congress Party win MP Assembly Polls because the parties it is aligning with are not able to transfer their votes in BSP’s favour as BSP transfers its voters to its allies.

Priya Biswas

India’s Latest Power Debacle Is Enron Times 20

Enron Corp. is long gone, but the scandal it left behind in India has beguiled the country’s lenders for almost two decades. However, if the bankers who financed the US energy company’s unviable power plant in Maharashtra state aren’t ruing that 2,000-megawatt debacle any more, it’s only because they’re now staring at a mess 20 times bigger.

Bishwajeet Sarkar

British Crown Remains Surrounded by Misconceptions

The wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle on May 19, and royal fever is running hot. A Harry-and-Meghan-themed pop-up bar opened in Washington on May 4, and Georgetown Cupcake is selling lemon-elderflower treats all month in honor of the couple’s wedding cake. If US television ratings for the nuptials of Harry’s brother (about 23 million viewers) and parents (17 million) are any guide, millions of Americans will wake up early to watch Markle’s transition from television actress to real-life royalty. For all the US interest, though, the British crown remains surrounded by misconceptions.

Reshan Sinha