Disney reports 22% pay gap in favour of men in Britain

Mass media company The Walt Disney Co revealed that it paid its male employees 22 per cent more on average last year than its female staff, with the gap rising to 41.9 per cent when it came to bonuses.

TV network NBCUniversal International (NBCU) also filed its legally mandated gender pay figures which showed that men at its UK operation earned 3.2 per cent more than women in 2017. But NBCU is the first major film and TV company to report a bonus gap in favour of women, with its female staff getting 5.5 per cent more on average, reports variety.com.

Disney employs almost 3,000 people at The Walt Disney Co and in its Disney stores across Britain.

At its stores, male staff members were paid 19.8 per cent more on average, and received 77.2 per cent more than women in bonus payments.

In its filing, Disney contended that looking at equal pay for comparable jobs was a better measure of fairness than average pay. T

he company officials said it takes a “holistic approach to addressing and ensuring gender equality in our workforce” and the “statistics included in the gender pay gap measurement are not reflective of that holistic approach as they only measure the difference between average pay for men and women across a workforce as a whole.”

Disney added it has already made progress toward greater equality since the numbers put out Friday were gathered.