Kim Jong-un Is Not Saddam

Sunil Dang

By Sunil Dang

When the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron co-hosted the first edition of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Summit at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the spotlight was on India which is being viewed as a key player in tapping solar energy. However, the government should keep in mind that for the success of solar power initiatives, they need to award huge area of land for MNCs participating in this initiative. They should also make sure that the initiative should not go the Indian tea garden way where owners were more interested in failure of the project rather making all cylinders fire for its success. They were more interested in its land than its produce. Similarly, the allotment of huge amount of land to the solar energy manufacturing companies may generate realty greed among the MNCs and hence they might be tempted to make the initiative bleed and then ask the government to allow them conversion of land allotted to them else they won’t be able to repay the bank loans for the purposes. Hence, while allotting land for solar energy manufacturing companies, respective governments should make sure that once the companies fail to deliver, their land would go back to the estate and there will be no matter of converting the land use. They should also make sure that land allotted to the solar power producer companies are barren not the agriculture land.

For the last fortnight, bank loan default and SSC paper leak have been hitting the headlines. Those who default bank loans and those who are instrumental in the SSC paper leak should be fixed but we need to think beyond. In an economy, where employment related paper gets leaked reflects that job opportunities are far lesser than the job seekers. Such incidents happen because both youth and its family is feeling the heat of unemployment and are indults of means that can fetch a job. Similarly, a loan default happens when a debtor fails to yield profits for themselves and repay their loan. One off incident of loan defaults aren’t alarming, but when we are witnessing an avalanche of bank defaults, the matter is related to the bad health of the national economy and all chest thumping claims by the government becomes hollow.

These days, state governments have made habit of demanding special status for their state. Recently, we saw Andhra Pradesh government blackmailing the central government to comply but in vain. However, the Andhra demand spurned other states like Telangana and Bihar to follow shoot and create further headache for the government. But, at a time when we have 21 states where NDA rule exists, its chief ministers can’t wash off their hands citing ‘no central assistance’ in state governance. The state CM’s demanding special status for their states are doing the same and trying to hide their incompetence to provide proper governance and meet their poll promises. Rather using their resources, their attempt to play the blame game with the centre though they are in coalition, reflects that they have mastered the art of winning elections but failed to learn how to convert their poll promises into reality.

The whole world is eagerly waiting for the North Korean President Kim Jong-un meeting with the US President Donald Trump, especially Russia and China. Whatever be the outcome of this meeting, Kim Jong has proved that he is not Saddam Hussain. He promptly grabbed the opportunity provided by the US though its proxy. Now, it would be interesting to see how Russia and China digests the outcome of Kim-Trump meeting. In case Russia and China tried to derail the peace process in the Korean Peninsula, whether Kim Jong follows Iran or Beijing has left the global political observer’s fingers crossed. However, in my view, it’s advisable for the North Korean Premier to follow Tehran, which timely realized that Russia is using its Middle East friends to niddle the US. Similarly, Beijing is using Pyongyang as proxy to destabilize US plans to break Chinese monopoly in the South China Sea.