Open House

Open House

Zimbabwe Didn’t Succumb to China

Read the Cover Story ‘Zimbabwe’s Tryst With Destiny’ and the Editorial citing pak army should learn from Zimbabwe’s military Chief and want to accept that the dayafter was spot on while analyzing the Zimabbwe crisis and correlate the circumstances with other nations facing same crisis. It was quite soothing to read that Zimbabwe didn’t succumb to Chinese ploy but the former Zombabwe president Robert Mugabe was. Had the army chief wanted to become operational head of the Zimbabwe government he could have easily done that but in that case he would have ceded ground to China. Hence, his decision to hand over the regime to Mugabe’s deputy is a good move and it helped Zimbabwe stop Chinese intrusion into Zimbabwe’s internal matters.

Moses Tanaka, Mutare

Dr Singh! Being Honest Doesn’t Mean You Are Innocent

Being former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh should have followed the government diplomatic line that ‘Terror and Talks’ can’t go together. Since, the government of India has decided to close talks with Pakistan till they carve away from abetting cross border terrorism, Dr Singh was supposed to follow that line taken by the Indian government. Ironically, the former Prime Minister accepted that Indo-Pak relations were discussed without divulging about the authority of the guest present there and tried to sail through this crisis by putting his honesty at stake. As if, his honesty was challenged. In actual, the Indian Prime Minister was trying to let him know that being honest doesn’t mean you are innocent and intelligent enough to by-pass the hierarchy of diplomatic channels.

Piyush Mishra, Lucknow

Both Obama, Trump Stoked Saudi-Iranian Rivalry

From the surprise resignation (then un-resignation) of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to the intra-Gulf crisis with Qatar to the battle for influence in post-Islamic State Iraq and the vicious civil wars in Yemen and Syria, the signs of the regional battle royals between Saudi Arabia and Iran are everywhere. While the United States is not the primary actor in this fight, it has an important role to play. President Barack Obama failed to de-escalate the conflict by trying to get the two sides to share. President Donald Trump’s strategy of taking a confrontational approach with Iran while giving Saudi Arabia unconditional support has further exacerbated the situation.

Yasir Siddiqi, Bhopal

Surprised To See Rahul Gandhi’s Projection As ‘Hindu’

Watching Rahul Gandhi going from one temple to another, donning a teeka on his forehead, flaunting his Hindu-ness is a fascinating experience. As a political activist who has contested elections, I can share with you that visiting religious places while campaigning almost becomes a second habit. So I am not surprised at what Rahul Gandhi is doing. What surprises me is the deliberate projection by his party and him that he is a “Hindu.”

Ramya, Ahmedabad