Grace May Emerge Next Power Centre In Zimbabwe

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

BY SUNIL DANG, Editor-in-Chief

During his address at the annual meeting at CIC, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu looked in pain while talking about repeated elections hitting the developmental works in India. The chairman of the Upper House also looked concerned about ‘law breaker becoming law makers’ as people with criminal background are reaching inside the parliament. In such a case, it’s like making castles in the hay if we expect such constitutional post holders to establish smooth law and order for the masses. Probably this is the reason for Indian Judiciary to chip in and fill in the loop holes being left by the tainted lawmakers. We saw this during Ramjanbhoomi, Ram Sethu and Tripple Talaq issue. Now, we are coming across 12 fast track court being constituted by the Supreme Court to deliver verdict on tainted elected representatives in given time frame. However, for the sake of beauty of our democracy, it’s better if our leaders don’t shy behind the judiciary on contentious issues and come with clear mindset and their policies on such issues.

The Rajya Sabha membership of Sharad Yadav and Ali Anwar has been cancelled after the complain registered by the Janata Dal United — party that nominated these two leaders to the Council of States. The Venkaiah Naidu responded to this complain, it gives an impression that the ex-officio chairman of the Upper House is ready to take on the reprimands and criticism from the lawmakers thronging into the bell. However, it would have been better if both JDU lawmakers had resigned from the Upper House as Nana Patole, BJP MP from Bhandara-Gondiya in Maharashtra did recently. Politics never waits too long for a personality. While Rajinikanth and Kama Hassan have left their fans guessing about their plunge to politics, actor Vishal has thrown his hat into the political ring by deciding to contest the Raj Nagar by-poll as an independent candidate. If he wins, what else could be the better bid to the legacy of Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu politics?

In Zimbabwe, former President Robert Mugabe was able to win immunity from prosecution while negotiating over his resignation. By this master stroke, he succeeded in transferring his political legacy to his wife Grace. So, it won’t be an easy going for the newly appointed President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa. If Mnangagwa fails to deliver the desired result people ofZimbabwe may switch to Grace as an alternative to Mnangagwa regime. After Zimbabwe, it looks that Pakistan has adopted no tolerance on corruption. Pakistani anti-corruption court has declared the country’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar an absconder after he repeatedly failed to appear before judges in a graft case associated to the Panama Papers leaks. So, it can be a bright beginning for the Pakistan when they say ‘Happy New Year’ on the fab end of 2017. But, like Pakistan, it doesn’t look a fab end for ISIS. They have been ousted from the Iraq and from the disputed land between Syria and Turkey by the Russian military. Realizing the importance of this corner of ISIS, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called back his military from Syria. Whether this move would end ISIS, only time will tell but this has certainly brightened Putin’s chances of victory in presidential polls of Russia due next month’s.

The Indian government is busy patting its back for promising growth indicators last quarter but what about the failures in last three years of their regime? The quarterly number are not sufficient for them to pacify youth who are still standing in queue at Employment Exchanges and businessmen are still in limbo over the GST. So, rather indulging in chest thumping over this quarterly numbers, they should seriously contemplate upon the loop holes on their job creation, economic boom and other promises to which Narendra Modi would be answerable in next one and half years. He should also keep in mind that when we talk about conducive business milieu it includes environment also because without good environment how can we have businesses coming to our cities and investing here? Also, importantly, we also need to have proper regulation and monitoring of the Bitcoin transactions as it may be pumped into illegal global merchandise transactions. This holds true especially for Hawala because with the help of Few Bitcoins, one can have an amount which requires a truck to load of physical rupee.

Jai Ho!