Nitin Patel says, Congress- Hardik pact- ‘ fools propose and fools accept’

Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel

By Yogesh Sharma

Patidar leader Harik Patel’s statement that congress has accepted their demand for reservation has evoked sharp criticism from BJP. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel came down heavily on Hardik and said that Congress has given a lollipop to him. He charged that Hardik has sold himself to Congress.

Giving quota to Patidars was not constitutionally valid, Patel said that the said pact between Congress and Patidars was just for political gains. It is like “fools proposed and fools accepted and they think others are fools”.

Stating that the Congress party is misleading Hardik Patel, Patel said, “Hardik is aware that over 50% reservation is not possible. He accused the Congress Party of bargaining with Hardik Patel and trying to divide the Patidar community.

Hardik should not create division in community. He can do whatever he likes but he cannot put respect of Patidars at stake. Gujarat has suffered a lot during last two years but not now. Haridk is innocent and young and he should become a tool for Congress to play divisive politics, Nitin said.

Cautioning Hardik the BJP leader said that he should stop misguiding people. People are fed up of Congress policies of dividing the society. “ Hardik should understand that I am being elected MLA for years of his age. Now we will not tolerate any such activities”, he added.

Who do you think you are? You are a black star, you would be extinguished. You are a fool. You are cheating the Patidars, they will hunt you and finish you. I have seen many like you come and go in my 50 years of political career.”

“We have given so many things, withdrew 500 cases, set up a commission for non-reserved communities, set up a committee to inquire into police atrocities, everything.”

We have been appealing to you despite you insulting us, despite you breaking our offices. Do not think that we cannot retort. Because we are in a position, we have to maintain dignity”, Patel said.