Janvikalp Morcha of Shankarsinh Vaghela fields 74 candidates

Shankarsinh Vaghela

By Yogesh Sharma

Janvikalp Morcha floated as third force by former Gujarat CM Shankarsinh Vaghela in Gujarat elections has fielded 74 candidates for first phase constituencies. Giving details, Vaghela said today that the candidates of Morcha will fight on the tractor symbol of All India Hindustan Congress Party which is part of the morcha along with Janvikalp party political outfit set up under the mentor ship of Vaghela.

Vaghela has shown “grace’ by not fielding any candidate against Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, BJP state president Jitu Vaghani, Congress leaders Shaktisinh Gohil and Paresh Dhanani. He said that there was no meaning in putting up candidates against these leaders. He did not elaborate his grace gesture.

Vaghela also released the “resolution” of the front in place of traditional system of manifesto. He said that manifesto is an exercise of political parties to fool people. People are misled by the promises of manifesto at election time and later both forget. We want to tell people that we are committed to what we say by way of our sankalp patra.

Referring to changes in GST and VAT by central and state government, he said that this was result of his opposition and campaign on these issues. He said that this was not enough. Central government should suspend GST for one year and do homework to reduce the tax rate and smooth implementation. VAT should be around, he said.

Referring to incidents of violent protests involving Congress and BJP he said that there should be a democratic system to select candidates and Chief Minister taking MLAs into confidence. He said the present high command culture should be avoided.