Sex video of PAAS leader Hardik Patel creates political storm in Gujarat


By Yogesh Sharma

As feared by PAAS leader Hardik Patel a week back, a sex video is out against him. In the video which was uploaded on You Tube, a man resembling Hardik Patel is shown with a woman in compromising position. Hardik says that the video uploaded from some foreign location is morphed one. The video has been withdrawn from the site after Hardik objected to it.

However, Ashwin Patel who uploaded the video claims that it was genuine. He has given four days to Hardik to prove that it was fake within our days otherwise he would release videos of other PAAS leaders to show to people that PAAS leders exploited women. Ashwin Patel is said to be close to union minister Mansukh Mandavia  and some other top BJP leaders and recently joined BJP in Delhi.

Hardik Patel who heads Patidar Anamat  Andolan Samiti (PAAS) said it was a desperate attempt by BJP to malign him.. He said that he himself had said that a sex video featuring him would be released. The video has surfaced just hours before Congress and Patidar leaders are expected to strike a deal for reservation of the community. BJP is used to release such CDs to kill the career of their political targets. They did the same to Sanjay Joshi and you can see where he is today, he said. Hardik said that he would tell the truth on November 18.

Lalji Patel leader of Sardar Patel group said that Hardik had fallen in the trap because of his immaturity. He needs to grow as mass leader. The uploading of the CD was an attack on the personal life of Hardik Patel.  

Though no media where the video is being circulated claims authenticity of the clip, it became viral soon. Youtube removed the video saying that it was against the channel’s policy.

The Congress backed Hardik Patel’s claim. “The BJP is under pressure. It knows it is losing ground in Gujarat, and also these youngsters are aligning with us, so it’s a ploy to defame Hardik,” commented Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil.

Mansukh Mandavia said that he does not know Ashwin Patel. What transpired between them was their personal look out, he said in media interaction late in the evening. He said that BJP was not involved  in this and Hardik should take legal action If he felt that CD was fake.