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Open House

Autonomous Bodies Are Epitome of Compromise

Read the Cover Story ‘EC’s Brush With Controversy’ and want to add that it’s not just the Election Commission or CBI, majority of the autonomous bodies have become an epitome of compromise in Indian system. And it’s not that they are behaving like this in current regime, it has become a practice of such institutional heads irrespective of the government leading the system. Hence, if someone is to be blamed for this crisis, then its head not the government, otherwise why the author has recalled TN Sheshan?

Pradeep Singh, Mumbai

Stop Blaming Kejriwal for Delhi Pollution

One can very well understand the problem of pollution and Delhi turning into a gas chamber. I have no issues if the AAP government is torn apart by the citizens and media when an issue arises, as that is the beauty of democracy, or the price that any government and a political party has to pay if it commits a mistake, but I have an issue when only the AAP government is treated in such a manner. The truth is that today, along with Delhi, the whole of north India is suffering from this crisis of pollution. NASA pictures clearly show that it is not a Delhi-specific problem but a national crisis, it needs a national solution. Unfortunately, the central environment minister and an MP from Delhi, Dr Harsh Vardhan, is holidaying in Goa and says there is no need to panic. This statement is ridiculous. It shows the callous attitude of the BJP government.

Raj Mangal Sharma, Delhi

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Is Getting Reckless

Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince known for his bold and sometimes reckless steps to transform his country and its place in the Middle East, has staged his biggest coup yet. Last fortnight, 11 princes and three dozen other senior officials and big businessmen were arrested on his orders, including the commander of the National Guard, the economy minister and Saudi Arabia’s leading international financier. Though they are reportedly being held in luxury hotels, Saudi media are describing them as “traitors,” an ominous sign of what may be in store.

Mohammad Ayyaf, Riyadh

BJP’s Double Standard On Corruption Is Clear Now

In India, politicians switching parties is a routine affair. So, when two leaders, Sukh Ram and Mukul Roy, deserted their parties and joined the BJP, it should not have created any furore, but it did. The reasons are obvious. Both are accused of serious corruption charges. Sukh Ram Sharma, once considered to be a stalwart of Congress party, has been convicted in a telecom scam in the mid-90s. Sukh Ram was telecom minister and was found indulging in corrupt practices by the CBI. Mukul Roy too is facing a CBI inquiry in the Saradha chit fund scam. It was speculated that he too, like his party colleagues Madan Mitra and Sudip Bandyopadhyay, would have landed in jail, but due to his smart manoeuvring and connections in high places at the centre, he survived that scare by joining the BJP.

Tanmay Roy Chaudhary, Kolkata