Open House

Open House

Why Media Is Biased Against NTPC?

Have been reading media reviews on NTPC post Rae Bareli mishap. Astonishingly, all media has ganged up against the NTPC to prove that the PSU is an incompetent organization. However, for kind attention of those journos, if NTPC is not worthy to its name, how could it turned the loss making Uchahar Power units into a world class profit making organizations. How come they bring the Uchahar power units from 30 percent load factor to 100 percent load factor? I would have loved to read some news stuffs regarding sensitivity of the 23,000 NTPC employees who voluntarily agreed to give their one day salary to the victims of Uchahar boiler blast.

Shashikant Dwivedi, Rae Bareli

Hardik Should Be Wary of Mismanagement in Congress Party

Hardik Patel, who was left red-faced after emergence of CCTV footage, indicating his meeting with Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in a luxury hotel in Ahmedabad. Ironically, CCTV footage from the hotel, conveniently leaked to local TV channels, suggests that Patel did meet Gandhi and not just Congress leader Ashok Gehlot as both had claimed. Interestingly, the owner of the hotel where senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel also stays regularly was a staunch Congress supporter till he switched allegiance recently to the BJP. Perhaps, the Congress, always slow to the story, was unaware of the change in allegiance.

Jitin Patel, Ahmedabad

Bollywood Babes Must Expose Indian Versions of Harvey Weinstein

Actress Priyanka Chopra deserves praise for opening on the challenges and discrimination that actresses have to face not just in India but abroad too. Come on, all you Bollywood babes — you know who you are – speak up! Nail those vile men who have done a Harvey Weinstein on you. You can do it. No shame. The timing is perfect. All it needs is one top female star to open her gab – just one. If that happens, the dam will burst! And all those slimy Sugar Daddies of showbiz will have no place to hide. That is, if they have any sharam in the first place.

Sharad Salunke, Mumbai

US Ceding Global Leadership to Russia Under Trump

Read Cover Story ‘Middle East to Moscow’ and appreciate the analysis done by the author on how US President failed to read the Putin Plan in the Middle East, especially after Donald Trump’s official visit to Middle East which irked Moscow and it allowed the Qatar crisis to escalate. However, to the wit of Moscow, it not only foiled Washington’s plan to restablish its petro dollar regime, it also foiled their plan to mediate in Israel-Palestine peace talks if it happens in future. So, in short, Russia has taken a lead over US in Middle East politics and in current scenario, it looks that US is ceding ground to Russia in global polity under president Donald Trump.

Anastasiya Korkina, Vladivostok