Prime Minister Narendra Modi Alleges Congress of Being Anti-Gujarat, Anti-Gujarati


By Yogesh Sharma

Prime Minister NarendraModi on Monday launched a scathing attack on Congress saying that it was anti-Gujarat and anti-development. Saying that Congress was a dynastic party, he said that the coming election was between vanshvaad and vikasvaad. Congress has always fought on communal issues and they are scared that developed society would not vote for them.

Addressing a mammoth gathering of party workers here Modi tried to shrug off “vikas meme” launched by Congress. In the end he chanted “huvikaschhu” more than half a dozen times.

With elections round the corner Modi made a political speech with lambasting Congress and claiming that he had finished all unfinished projects of Congress government. He said that he will come again on Oct.22 to inaugurate RO- RO ferry services from Bhavnagar. He said that this would be Diwali gift for the people of the state.

Congress party doesn’t spare an opportunity to finish any person or any party from Gujarat. Their treatment of SardarVallabhBhai Patel is known to the world. Despite their atrocities on our workers, BJP emerged as a constructive force. He asked the Congress party to introspect. “Look, what they have made of themselves,” PM Modi asks, adding, “how dare they challenge BJP on the issue of development?”

The PM attacked the Gandhi family saying that they have insulted non-Gandhis often. They don’t like Gujarat and Gujaratis. When Morarji Desai became PM, they spread rumours about what he drank and what he didn’t. But, they didn’t talk about his ideals, about his dedication to Mahatma Gandhi’s cause, Modi said. Referring to Bofors scandal, Modi said that MadhavsinhSolanki was made a scapegoat.

He said that Congress had targeted him and Amit Shah and wanted to send both of them to jail. Targeting the Congress, Modi says that the party that gave so many chief ministers, leaders to the nation now “focuses only on spreading lies”. They create an atmosphere of pessimism, says Modi.

Nobody predicted such a humongous victory for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. When BJP came out with flying colours, political analysts advised the Opposition to stop thinking about 2019, and prepare for 2024 elections.

On GST, PM Modi said: “From day one, I’ve said we will review GST after three months and we made changes. If there are still hurdles, we will try and resolve them too. I am confident that our traders will understand,” says Modi. “I am assuring traders. This is my promise.”

He says, the state and central governments have been taking decisions together on GST. GST is not decided only by Parliament or PM Modi, he says. It includes Congress governments from Punjab, Karnataka and Meghalaya. The Centre is just 1/30th part of that meeting room. Hence, the people of Congress have no right to spread lies in the name of GST, Modi says.

“I am in touch with business community. I am proud that even a small businessman in the country likes GST,” Modi says. “Lakhs of new businessmen are entering the purview of GST on their own. The concerns presented by them are being taken up at GST Council meetings,” he says.

“The business community is being warned that the forms filled by them today will be used by the government to question previous transactions. Let me tell you, we are not Congress,” he says.

Since November 8, 2016, about 5000 bogus companies deposited Rs 4,000 crore in banks, Modi says. Due to such “theieves”, the common middle-class is suffering, he adds.

“Mere liye dal se badadeshhain,” he says, adding the party will work for the country’s future.

PM has been visiting state more often now with elections expected to be announced anytime after Diwali. Last week, PM Modi had visited the state to inaugurate and lay foundation stones of various projects in Rajkot, Vadnagar, Gandhinagar and Bharuch. He had also participated in a roadshow in his hometown Vadnagar on October 8.