Rahul woos Patels in Saurashtra

Rahul woos Patels in Saurashtra

By Yogesh Sharma

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi started second day of his three day visit of Saurashtra region by focusing on patidars. Gandhi accused the state government of perpetrating atrocities on the members of the Patel community during their quota stir.

Incidentally Rahul Gandhi’s pro Patidar gesture has come on the day when ruling BJP in Gujarat invited patidar leaders to work out a formula to retain their support as Gujarat is going to polls in December this year.

On his arrival at Dhrol town enroute to Rajkot, Gandhi wore the ‘Patidar cap’, with the slogan “Jai Sardar-Jai Patidar” on it. It was a significant gesture as the cap was given to him by members of the ‘Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS).

“It was you (the Patel community) who gave the country Sardar Patel. But the BJP government committed atrocities on you. Bullets were also fired on Patels. This is not the style of Congress. We believe in moving ahead by keeping all the communities together,” said Gandhi.

At Falla village in Jamnagar, people greeted him with the slogan ‘Jai Sardar, Jai Patidar’. Many in the crowd wore caps with the slogan. “It seems that vikas (development) has gone mad because some people lied too much about it. We all need to develop Gujarat in the real sense,” said Gandhi.

At one place Rahul Gandhi said that India had competition with China but the government was promoting China at the cost of employment of Indian youth. He said that even the statue of Sardar Patel was being built by Chinese.

“You (PM) are busy in floating ‘jumlas’ and making tall promises. That is your style of doing things. We in the Congress do not indulge in such things. As the PM, it is your job to give employment and solve problems of the country. If you can’t, then Congress will do after that coming to power,” Gandhi said.