Rohingya Muslims posing threat to Myanmar’s integrity: Sena


Mumbai,  The Shiv Sena today alleged the Rohingya Muslim community posed a “threat to the integrity and security” of Myanmar, prompting “strong action” by the country’s government.

It praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not entertaining calls by “bogus secularists” to give shelter to Rohingya refugees.

An editorial in Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ today also lashed out at sections of the Muslim community in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, for hitting the streets last Friday to protest atrocities on Rohingya Muslims.

“Do the people who came out on streets even know where Myanmar is or what is happening in that country? Do they know anything about Rohingya issue?” it asked.

“The issue of Rohingya Muslims is Myanmar’s internal matter. Strong action is being taken against them as they have posed a threat to integrity and security,” it alleged.

“Rohingya Muslims follow the fatwas issued by Pakistan’s Azhar Masood (leader of terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad) and sow the seeds of division by creating religious strife,” the editorial alleged.

“Some bogus secularists tried to secure shelter for Rohingya refugees in India…But Prime Minister Narendra Modi was unfazed. For this, we congratulate him specially,” it added.

Rohingya Muslims want to divide Myanmar which no country can tolerate, it alleged.