BJP President Amit Shah Meets Captains of Industry at FICCI

amit shah


Amid news of negative export growth, sluggish IIP numbers and GST hitting the national economy, BJP national president Amit Shah is meeting 17 leading Indian industrialists at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on Saturday in New Delhi. Our sources in FICCI revealed that the meeting could take place after the strong initiative taken by Sanjay Baru, former media advisor to Dr Manmohan Singh when the later was Prime Minister of India.

Though, there is no official response about the goals of this highly secret affair, it has been learnt that meeting is aimed at having a cue of various economic initiative being taken by the government and its impact on the national economy in long-term perspective. The principal ruling party would also like to know what extra majors (if needed) are required to be taken by the central government that would pump job creations, foreign investments and manufacturing growth. However, some of the Modi government critics reverberated in unison that had the meeting been aimed at above objectives, it won’t have remained a secret affair. They alleged Shah and Modi citing, “This meeting raises doubt as it is happening at a time when there are reports that the party has received around 81 percent of its corporate donations from unknown sources.”