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Open House

BJP Can’t Afford To Lose Karnataka, Himachal, Gujarat

Read the Cover Story “Opposition Intifada” and agree that from opposition point of view, Gujarat win is crucial. But, as a whole I think Karnataka, Himachala and Gujarat would be important assembly polls as BJP can’t afford to lose any of them. The BJP has given charge of the Gujarat election to union ministers Arun Jaitely and Nirmala Sitaraman. The party has nominated Piyush Goel to steer the party in Karnataka while Himachal has been assigned to Tawar Singh Ghelot. Their selection is that they will carry more weight with the cadre as representing the PM’s diktat and wishes. Putting responsibility into the hands of overburdened union ministers is indicative enough that BJP has the sense of importance these assembly polls keep ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls.

Ratan Kumar, Shimla

Time To Evaluate Indian Journey from Quit India Movement

Read ‘Irony of History’ and want to praise the dayafter for co-relating the historic movement with current days. Sometimes you fail to notice the changes that time does but being a media house the news magazine rightly reminded that the grand old party that coined the ‘British Mukt Bharat’ during Quit India Movement is facing ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ jibe from the principal rival party after 75 years of the movement. The story also gives glimpse of some current problems that Indian was facing during the movement as well. Hence, the story is like an evaluation of the Indian journey from Quit India Movement to today.

Laxmi Shukla, Lucknow

Political Parties Should Think Beyond Particular Family

The story on Face Politics engulfed in Indian politics is heartwarming as it talks about both ruling and the opposition being crept by this lacuna. If the ruling BJP has only Modi to present even in BMC polls, then what to talk about other polls. Similarly, opposition parties are finding it difficult to move away from the family dominance in their respective parties. Even though, Rahul Gandhi has failed to deliver since 2013, not a single word against the Gandhi scion has come from any Congressmen. Similarly, other regional parties (BSP, SP, RJD, Shiv Sena, NCP, AGP etc.) have been falling since rise of Modi but their party workers are still not being able to move away from them as they can’t think beyond a particular family.

Paresh Saxena, Allahabad

Signs of The Times Column Should Be Idea Specific

For last few editions, I have been coming across a new column in the dayafter, ‘Signs of The Times!’ Though, the column is eye catching, lucid in its language and targeted towards the niche portion of the society, I would like to suggest that its reach should be expanded and for that the author of the column should convert this column into idea specific rather incident specific. In that way, the columns would be able to express what the author thinks about an idea floating into the public conversations.

Nida Fahim, Hyderabad