BJP Changed Meaning of ‘Being Secular’

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

Diplomatic experts globally have their fingers crossed in the wake of the US-North Korean stand-off as it may just lead to nuclear war, putting global peace in great peril. Any re-alignment of global super power(s), especially Russia and China, in this impasse has the potential to spark off a third World War. The U-turn taken by China on North Korea gives a sigh of relief, provided the Chinese reprimand to North Korea to walk-off from the war is not just a political statement as an eye wash to the global leadership. Initially, I believed China was indulged in eye wash tactics in regard to North Korea but, the recent political developments in South East Asia have forced me to change my views. It’s clear that Beijing’s stand on Doklam against New Delhi has turned into a ‘self goal’ for the dragon. This is especially true after the fact that India successfully cornered China by bringing US and Russia on its side with Bhutan firmly standing behind it. This diplomatic success of India barred China to bargain with India on OBOR. So, Beijing must relook at its Malacca Sea route strategy to counter Japanese might after the shift of TPP leadership from Washington to Tokyo.

In the domestic sphere, in the past few months, media has been abuzz with speculations of the “trader-forward caste” sympathies being alienated by the current BJP-RSS juggernaut. These reports suggest that recent social engineering by the BJP and RSS to bring Dalits, OBCs and tribal communities towards them has irked traditional support base of the saffron party. I would like remind those report makers that such social engineering has helped BJP to transform its image among various cross-section of the society and hence its acceptability has increased at an alarming rate in last three years. That’s why BJP is able to clinch the top constitutional posts with ease — a target which Modi was expecting to achieve by the end of his tenure. Hence, to contain BJP, opposition must change its strategy if they want to stop Modi’s ‘Political Ashwamedh.’ There was a time when ‘communal’ tag was a hitherto for the BJP, today ‘secular tag’ has become a liability for opposition parties because BJP has cultivated the idea that secular means ‘minority appeasement’ and it has been bought by the voters in last three years. Apart from this tag, it has been found that political parties are fighting to come out of the family den. Grass root level AIADMK workers have rejected ‘Chenamma’ after the demise of ‘Amma’, DMK is cracking under the leadership of Stalin, INLD and RLD have almost diminished and some more regional political parties getting ready to follow suit. These are wake up calls for the Congress party because it’s not the time to reward sycophants; it’s time to award grass root party workers and leaders.

While in the electoral sector, the BJP has been winning state polls trouncing its opposition in glory, it has at the same time retained traditional states with aplomb. However in the performance sector, in last few months it has come to clear light that there are several local issues which the BJP chief ministers have failed to address properly. From the peasants movement in MP and Chhattishgarh to the silent Maratha protest in Maharashtra, the local governments have failed to placate the warring community.  Yet the BJP is invincible because the opposition lacks proper strategy and cohesion to counter the Modi government. While there are ‘Sultani’ apathies like Gorakhpur tragedy where Great Grand Son of Late Lal Bahadur Shastri, who resigned as Minister for Railways after single rail accident,  is trying to hide his failure behind the Oxygen Gas Cylinder, some ‘Aasmani’ trgedy in Himachal Pradesh too disturbede the public life. Hope, these tragedies doesn’t add any further casualty in future.

The GST has been rolled out and the center is convinced that its effect would become visible only after next two years. But, within an year, whole nation would be gripped under the poll drum as preparation for 2019 LS polls have begun in full swing. The opposition has been targeting Modi for its failure on job creation front, a claim that is supported statistically. Resignation (insiders say ouster) of Arvind Panagariya from Niti Aayog has to been from this angle as government is going to focus on new job opportunities in next two year so that they can at least in part meet their poll promises to the youth. By the time this issue would hit the stalls, we would be celebrating 71st Independence Day. Hope, on this Independence Day speech, our PM Narendra Modi evaluates his previous promises before announcing further projects and promises, because days of ‘Aaswashan’ and ‘Bhashan’ are gone. Now, it’s time to deliver Mr Prime Minister!

Jai Ho!