Open House

Open House

Opposition Road to 2019 Is Full of Potholes

Read the cover story ‘Opposition’s Road to 2019’ and want to congratulate the writer for speculating the cracks inside the opposition camp and Congress’ inability to keep the whole opposition under one umbrella which Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani successfully did when there was Congress led government in centre. Not a single ally of the BJP switch to Congress camp. However, the way Nitish Kumar has been doing dilly dally with the congress and the grand alliance, it was bound to collapse and what happened in Bihar is giving a glimpse of 2019 where Opposition’s Road to 2019 seems full of potholes. But, now, it’s up to the opposition camp whether they failed to handle Nitish Kumar or it was bound to happen and let’s move forward and put united opposition to the BJP in coming Lok Sabha bi-polls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur.

Shashikant Tripathi, Varanasi

This GST Is Not Perfect

Read the Yashwant Sinha interview and liked it from the bottom of my heart as he has criticized the legislation with proper example. Kudos to the reporter who interviews former Finance Minister and let us know about the thinking of the ‘brain dead’ leader who was one of the pioneers in coining the GST Bill around two decades ago. The idea of GST was a revenue neutral rate and simple tax with refund scheme. Hence, when Mr Sinha talks about unification of the India as a one tax system, the government claims got exposed. Well done meghna and Chandrashekhar who interviewed yashwant Sinha.

Deepak Kumar, Gwalior

Democrats Must Encash the RussiaGate

Read ‘RussiaGate Not Enough’ and want to appreciate the author for cautioning the Democrats who believes that they would be the ultimate choice of the US voters as President Donald Trump has lost the support he had during presidential elections. The recent former FBI charges regarding RussiaGate has done enough damage to Trump’s popularity that all trump traitors would automatically fall into the Democrat’s lap, which is not true. And the wuthor is bang on when he highlights this fact of complacency among the Democrats. They should try innovate some political ideas that can attract the angry US voters after the RussiaGate expose. Else, they would come second even after being a stangalone runner in this Congressional polls in the US.

Ava Rice, Chicago

Nitish Is Surely A False God

Read the Third Eye exposing the fake aura being crated around Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. In democracy, a leader is judged by his ffollowers and votes. From this perspective, Nitish Kumar falls well short of his all opponents. He is not even half way mark to lau Prasad yadav when it comes to transferable number of votes standing behind the leader. Nitish kumar belongs to a particular caste which has a sizable presence in Magadh and Kaimur region where they Yadavas too are in equal strength. In this region, whoever wins the popular OBC and Dalit voets can easily sweep this region. Hence, the Mahadalit idea was coined by the JDU leader to woo Dalits and trump Lalu yadav in the region. It paid dividends for BJP too when Nitish junked BJP and the ‘party with difference’ aligned with Ramvilas Paswan to pare that loss. As a result, BJP swept the whole Bihar in 2014 Lok Sabha Polls and hence being left at mere 15 percent odd support votes Nitish had no option to align with Lalu. So, in reality, Nitish Kumar is a leader of far lesser repute in bihar than being painted by the Delhi media.

Sadanand Paswan, Hazipur