Contain China Via Mongolia

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

BY SUNIL DANG, Editor-in-Chief

On Russian recommendation, China invested heavily into the Middle East, South East Asia and in the US, assuming it would allow Beijing greater leverage vis-a-vis the US in the global polity. The Chinese, who repeatedly call for a new global order that reflects the current geo-political and economic strength of the emerging world, forgot that despite their deep pockets and global investments continue to be lager behind the United States when it comes to military and international acceptability as leader.  While it would be fair to argue that the role of leadership is shifting away from the US under the Donald Trump presidency, equally fair would be the argument that China still has a long way to go if it is to assume the title of leader of the “global order”. There has been consistent unprecedented escalation along the Dolam plateau at the Bhutan-China-India tri-junction. However, it is the best interest of both the developing economies to ward off their belligerence. Economic interests aside, the delicate geo-political balance in Asia with the India backed by the USA and Japan, wards off prospects of drastic escalation in the stand-off. It is perhaps of this very strategic alliance that the NSA Ajit Doval has achieved through Mongolia otherwise I don’t see any reason for the Chine President Xi Jin-ping meeting Ajit Doval.

For first time in India politics, top four constitutional posts — President, Vice President, Prime Minister and Lok Sabha Speaker — have fallen into the lap of hard core BJP leaders. If we make some back of tissue parliamentary calculations, it is easy to predict that the BJP shall also claim the position of the Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha next year. Modi knows that without a majority in Rajya Sabha, he is a strong Prime Minister only in media; hence he will leave no room for the opposition when PJ Kurein completes his Upper House tenure in 2018. Moving on, I hope that the PM remembers Pranab Mukherjee’s farewell speech wherein he advised the executive not to bypass the elected members of the parliament while getting ordinance signed by the president.

When I was about to write my editorial, news broke that Shankersingh Vaghela plans to pitch his relative in the Rajya Sabha polls from Gujarat, jeopardizing the Upper House bid of Ahmed Patel. Before I could analyze its impact on national politics, news of Nitish Kumar switching to NDA surfaced, which forced me to write that Congress is in deep trouble both inside and outside. On one hand it has to live up to the responsibility of keeping the opposition united while at the same time it’s finding it hard to keep its own house in order — Goa, Arunachal and Manipur reflect the same. But, the Bihar fiasco could have been avoided had the Congress not left its brain child— ‘grand alliance’— into the hands of scam tainted Lalu Prasad Yadav. The grand old party has to regain its strength and cohesion soon otherwise they would cede ground to BJP in Karnataka and Himachal too.

In UP, it seems that the BJP may ask Keshav Prasad Mourya to resign from the UP cabinet rather from Phulpur Lok Sabha seat, because if vacated BSP supremo Mayawati may contest from the seat as joint opposition candidate. But, in Gorakhpur, the BJP is well placed, provided the BJP candidate gets ratification from CM Adityanath. So, we can expect BJP candidate either from Hindu Yuva Wahini or from the Gorakhnath Math and need not to pay heed to some recent media plugs of a Gujarat business woman contesting from Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency in UP. The burning Gorkhaland issue has also not done any good for either the state or central government, especially after the NIA report about the insurgency being aided by China and Maoists. Hence, both centre and state government should stop playing dirty politics over the matter or else it may escalate into an out of an out of control demon as it has happened in Kashmir — where CM Mehbooba has become a sulking force inside the power centre. At the same time, the BJP must ensure action against the mob that lynched a person for alleged beef eating charges because one party can’t have two different stands, one in Goa and another in J&K, on single issue.

The CBI has filed a case of criminal conspiracy and cheating against a Delhi based company, for selling made-in-china parts camouflaged as ‘Made in Germany’ to Jabalpur’s ordnance factory. It leaves a sorry impression of our Parliamentary Committees that can found inappropriate acts in 1989 and 1990 CAG reports but not in recent ones — putting a blot over our financial and defense system.

In ICC Woman World Cup, Women in Blue might have lost in World Cup Final, but the whole nation is celebrating this loss as the Olympic Silver medal. Hope, BCCI does the same.

Jai Ho!