Obesity in teenage may up colon cancer risk later

Excess weight

Is your adolescent son or daughter overweight or obese? Beware, it may increase his or her risk of developing colon cancer in adulthood, a research has showed.

The study showed that overweight and obesity were associated with 53 per cent and 54 per cent higher risks of colon cancer for men and women, respectively.

Obesity was also associated with a 71 per cent increased risk of rectal cancer in men and more than a two-fold increased risk in women.

“The findings come at a time of growing concern about the impact of adolescent overweight and obesity on chronic disease later in life,” said Zohar Levi, from the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

For the study, published in the journal CANCER, the team analysed information on 1,087,358 Jewish males and 707,212 Jewish females who underwent health examinations, including measures of body mass index (BMI), at age 16 to 19 years (predominantly aged 17 years).

Over a median follow-up of 23 years, 2,967 new cases of colorectal cancer were identified, including 1,977 among men (1,403 colon, 574 rectum) and 990 among women (764 colon, 226 rectum).