It’s Time To Become Environment Conscious

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

The National Green Tribunal recently rapped the government agencies for ‘wasting public money’ in the name of ‘Namami Gange Project.’ The tribunal also warned 14 industrial units operating in Bijnor and Amroha districts on the banks of Ganges with a proposal to slap up to Rs 50,000 fine for the units polluting the water of river Ganges. It may look like a case of environmental negligence but this is the ground reality towards the environmental governance in all parts of the world including the US. In a research given by Union of Concerned Scientists and Researchers, it has been found that the way the world is ignorant towards the global warming, by the end of 2100, 670 coastal cities of the world will be on verge of collapse due to the water logging and other problems and around 60 percent of the families living in those cities will be forced to relocate. So, it’s high time for us to wake up lest it shall be too late.

In the US, the House of Commons is going to file the first articles for impeachment against President Donald Trump. Arithmetically, Trump is well placed in the house of 435 members as the Republican have 240 members in comparison to 194 Democratic Congressmen. However, the way Trump has lost his command over his own party, anything can happen if voting is allowed on the impeachment bill. It would affect his son Eric too because Trump has dragged his businessman son into the politics. Like Trump, Prime Minister of Pakistan is also facing corruption charges in Panama Leak. Ironically, this leak has crippled Nawaz Sharif’s political heir Maryam Nawaz, creating leadership crisis in Pakistan Muslim League. However, Middle East Mess looks settled down after Kuwait’s offer to intervene between Iran and Qatar. Kuwait being a trusted ally of the US, the message went loud and clear to the entire GCC nations that Qatar has got enough ‘Royal Treatment’ and let this Middle East chapter closed. The left over confusion got cleared after the official visit of the US Secretary of State to Qatar.

By the time this magazine would hit the stand, our state and central representatives would be voting for the next president of India. Poll arithmetic suggests that the NDA nominee Ram Nath Kovind is sure to become 14th Indian President. But, receiving jolt from JDU over delay in deciding the presidential candidate, Congress was quick to announce the joint opposition candidate for the vice presidential polls. Though, the fight is symbolic, it has helped Congress and other opposition parties to develop bonhomie for the future developments into the national politics, especially in upcoming Monsoon Session.

But, few disturbing things are still unanswered by both opposition and the ruling coalition. It’s now a year since Kashmir has been in sheer unrest. Rather than solving the K-riddle, we have now added to our basket of problems with another jolt in Gorkhaland and Sikkim where fresh demands from the separatist groups have started to attract the attention of commoners. So, when the whole north east is facing severe floods, Supreme Court reprimand to the Assam chief minister over his statement on national register is a welcome move because a public representative should know his or her limitations and should rather focus on their job than ogling into the job of other governmental institution. While Modi government has been batting for ‘minimum government maximum governance’, it looks it remained a slogan only till date. But, the way Punjab CM Captain Amrinder has decided to withdraw 30,000 pending cases relating to its employees, we get an indication that Captain is in mood of ‘minimum government maximum governance’.  Gujarat, bought in some cheer, where Ahmedabad became the first city of India to become a World Heritage City. The way both Modi and Amit Shah showed their eagerness to celebrate this news, indicates that their affinity for Gujarat is still alive though they are a national leaders now.

Jai Ho!