Editorial: Vaghela’s Exit Would Hit Congress Dearly

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

The government of India is about to roll out GST and disinvest from Air India. But, the behavior of government officials indicates that their mind is in deep freeze. They are less bothered about the smooth implementation of these major government projects and more with the deadlines of these projects. On the other hand, government of India has performed poorly on job creation front. Railway has freezed all Group A and Group B recruitments while private companies are unable to sustain growth. Since, it’s more than three years of the Modi government; it’s high time for both Modi and his baiters to evaluate all promises and announcements.

Both ruling and opposition parties have unfolded their cards for the presidential polls and if the arithmetic remains as it is now, then NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind would walk the lawns of Raisina Hill  after the incumbent President, Pranab Mukherjee, retires. However, rather substantial issues, this presidential poll became ‘My Dalit Versus Your Dalit’ poll which is demeaning for the highest constitutional post of India. Congress president’s jibe that people should vote for the Indian president on their ‘Inner Conscience’ would probably not do the miracle that Indira Gandhi was able to stir because back in those days, simply because she was fighting with the ‘syndicate,’ which is not the case with Gandhi bahu. Rather this jibe became but of joke in political circle when Nitish Kumar paid heed to his inner voice and decided to side with BJP in this presidential polls. However, as I had predicted, Congress-Left and Trinmool Congress have walked into the BJP trap by opposing Ram Nath Kovind and supporting Meira Kumar. Now BJP would showcase in Kerala and West Bengal that these parties are ‘pseudo rivals.’ They are on the same page in national capital while indulge in pseudo fight in Kerala and West Bengal.

In Gujarat, Congress seems to be in mood of ‘self goal’ as they are not ready to give free hand to Shanker Singh Vaghela. The Congress high command must realize that they may have some reservations about Vaghela but this is not the case with the people of Gujarat. Their stubborn behavior may take them into an embarrassing situation in Gujarat— home state of Sonia Gandhis political advisor, Ahmed Patel. . They can’t afford to lose Gujarat because they are already on the sticky wicket in Himachal Pradesh. The way incumbent CM is facing summons after summons from ED and other investigative agencies, it appears as if whole of  Himachal government has been painted as tainted. While, in Tamil Nadu, it looks that Cine Star Rajinikanth is set to plunge into politics. Probably, he has realized that it may be the right time for him to enter politics and fill in the huge vacant shoes of Jayalalitha. However, I request the Tamil citizens to come out of the page three politicians because the state has already lost a lot in the infighting going on in between Dravidian parties. Coming two years would be full of political drama because nation would be gearing for the next Lok Sabha polls from exactly one year later and in next two years around 10 states are going to polls as well. Hence, freebee politics would be in full swing and farmer issues would be on the top which has already begun with loan waiver spree.

Recent, Modi-Trump was successful in sending direct message to China and Pakistan on the terrorism front. Announcing Syed Salauddin as global terrorist, Trump made it clear to Beijing that Chinese veto doesn’t matter in Washington’s diplomacy and taking cue from this US message, Pakistan was forced to take action against Syed Salauddin. However, such steps from Pakistan have always been an eye wash which got established immediately when the global terrorist’s video became viral in which he was found inducing Kashmiris to close all kinds of activities for coming three days to commemorate the assassination of terrorist Burhan Wani. Hence, New Delhi will have to develop some other tool to counter such Pakistani eye washes and save Kashmiris and Kashmiriyat. Hope, Modi gets this tool in his upcoming high profile official visit to Israel.

After Anil Kumble’s resignation, it’s proved that captain Kohli is the boss in Team India dressing room. Hope he gets next coach of his choice as last time Ravi Shastri had applied for the post he was rejected.

Jai Ho!