India Needs Professional President

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

By Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

Pushing all ifs and buts, finally Hasmukh Adhia has announced that the GST will be rolled out from July 1, 2017 in India. However, majority of economists and case studies on the GST suggests that India will face huge economic slowdown in next two years post GST implementation which means 2019 Parliamentary Polls would be fought on perception rather achievements and failure of the Modi government. The Indian Railways create near 50 percent of the government jobs and around 20 percent of the railway jobs have been put into the cold storage in last fortnight with an announcement that around 10,900 jobs would be curtailed and near 11,000 new recruitments have been put into abeyance. Such types of news are not good for the organized sector and encourage businessmen to remain unorganized. Since, our economy is not going to perform well in coming two years; it’s high time for the Commerce, Finance and the External Affair Ministry to work as a cohesive force and help Indian economy perform better both in domestic and the global front and cool the GST heating effect on the national economy.

As presidential elections are approaching to its deadline, national Indian politics has started to swing at a faster rate. Venkaiah Naidu who was among the probable presidential nominees of the BJP has become one of the members of the three member committee (Rajnath and Arun Jaitley are other two) that would find out the BJP nominee for Raisina Hill. As both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have been hinting to pitch in a presidential nominee that would pinch both Congress and the Left parties, I wonder whether we still have single Indian president who won unopposed or the single Indian presidential nominee who failed to win even though he was from the ruling party at the centre (both nominees are Neelam Sanjeeb Reddy). Hence, Congress should not walk into the Modi trap again. Venkaiah Naidu, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh meeting with Sonia Gandhi and other senior Congress leaders is mere eye wash to make a rosy picture of big hearted leadership at centre for the public. So, Congress party should continue to push other likeminded parties to find a joint opposition nominee. Even though, its candidate won’t win, it would work as a drill ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. But, form Indian perspective, the winning candidate walking on the lawns of Raisina Hill post retirement of Pranab Dada, should be a professional like APJ Abul Kalam.

Eleven state would be going to polls by the end of December 2018 (Gujarat and Himachal in 2017 and rest nine including Karnataka, MP, Rajastha and Chhattisgarh in 2018). So, in coming time, development would not be what our leaders would be telling. An acute manipulation on the developmental front is expected to take place by all political parties having their stake in these assembly polls. So, it’s advisable for the people to use their mind before switching to the channels and subscribing to news prints. In Gujarat and Himachal, BJP has already began its bid to power while the Congress party is still not able to kick-start its campaign as it is still unable to come out of the infighting in its state units. Though, BJP is also facing the same problem, the ‘party with difference’ is able to give strong message to the infighting people while Congress still trying to sort it out in its own style — an example that give contrasting feature of two national parties style of function.

The north Korean peninsula is still heading towards entropy which can lead to nuclear war in the South East Asia and China is taking advantage of this situation by bargaining heavily with Russia and the US. It is astonishing to see China is docile in political upmanship while in business, it’s bang on while from Russian perspective it’s just reverse of China. Moscow does business by putting political pressure on the other nations. However, US president Donald Trump has failed to do the balancing act which his predecessors used to do with ease. Hence, four nations (Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and North Korea) have become a battle ground where all big guns of the global establishment want to show their presence felt. Ironically, UK is mum on these matters. Probably, its leaders were busy in UK General Elections. But, the way its results have unfolded, Theresa May must have realized that David Cameron has handed over her a crown full of thorns.

The ICC Champions Trophy has entered into the Semis. But, looking at the team qualified there, it’s more a Commonwealth Champions Trophy than that of an ICC event.

Jai Ho!