Germany prepared for Brexit negotiations, says Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that as a federal government and a member of the European Union (EU), Germany is prepared for Brexit negotiations, after the UK general election came to an end.

“We are preparing for Brexit. We will wait for the results of these elections but meetings (on Brexit) are going to begin and we are going to defend the interests of the 27 countries which will be in the EU in the future,” Merkel said on Friday.

The Chancellor did not comment on elections that concluded on Friday, in which British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party lost the absolute majority.

The party won 318 seats, eight less than the total 326 required, which forced her to join hands with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

On the other hand, Merkel also stressed that the EU will hope to continue to be the UK’s partner.

“From our side, we are ready for the talks, we are prepared (…) I understand that the UK is going to respect the timetable. We want to do it (Brexit) fast, respecting the timetable. As of now, I don’t see any obstacles for negotiations to start as expected,” said Merkel.

The Brexit negotiations are slated to begin on June 19.