Remove All Taxes on e-Transaction

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER


Modi government has completed three years and the whole cabinet along with NDA allies are gang ho over their achievements on the diplomatic, economic and developmental front. However, when I go by the fundamental of these achievements, the ground reality is completely opposite. Hence, I am frightened about the next two years as Team Modi is unable to implement the Prime Minister’s vision on the ground. Workers painting false reality towards Modi may backfire politically. But, it happened because Narendra Modi has attained larger than life persona in the BJP and his lieutenants are scared of him to give actual picture. If we compare current NDA government with 1999 Vajpayee government, current Modi government doesn’t buckle to the opposition pressure and hence I feel a pure BJP-RSS man walking on the lawns of Raisin Hill after retirement of Pranab Mukherjee.  That’s why; both Amit Shah and Modi are tight lipped about the NDA nominee for the presidential race even after tosses of around dozen of candidates. While NDA remained tight lipped on presidential poll, Congress led opposition failed to find a consensus candidate as Bihar CM Nitish Kumar seems vulnerable once again.

In down south, Rajinikanth has indicated to enter politics. Since, the super star hails from Karnataka, origin in Maharashtra and enjoys status of an icon in Tamil Nadu, BJP has welcomed his decision though the Thaliva-baiters have opposed his decision citing ‘Tamil’ pride. However, after the series of IT and ED raids and arrest in alleged ‘Money Laundering’ case against Rajya Sabha MP Misa Bharti, talks of ‘grand alliance’ under rocks are on. But, in Delhi, post MCD polls, relationship between AAP and BJP has further strained and this is affecting the welfare of Delhi residents as both center and state government are not ready to sit and discuss the governance matters they are meant for. Otherwise I don’t find any reason for Mayor and Deputy Mayor taking oath on the hump of garbage. This whole trick is to topple the Delhi’s AAP government by September-October and stop AAP sending three Rajya Sabha lawmakers by the end of 2017. Hope, Arvind Kejriwal has an idea about this.

After disintegration of the USSR, continuation of NATO was meaningless as it was founded to ensure safety of the US-led nations against any kind of military operation by the USSR. It became a defunct body when Russia itself became its member. But, when Arab NATO was incepted in Saudi Arabia in presence of US president Donald Trump, global experts started finding the country behind this provocation. But, those who closely watched Trumps speeches during his electoral campaign and in his recent Middle East visit can easily understand his dual fight going on inside the US and overseas. Trump and his family is under FBI scanner for their role and approach towards Russian involvement in the US presidential campaign. Whatever be the outcome of this probe, but it’s for sure that face value of White House and Oval Office has hit the nadir during Trump’s leadership. This has helped China to capitalize on his ambitious ‘Silk Route’ to take ‘my way or high way’ approach on OBOR. The way China has been threatening the countries opposed to OBOR, it looks that UN and ICJ are mere for the eye wash of the geo-political set up.

The GST would be finally implemented from July 1 this year. However, I am surprised to see the number of items being bracketed into the 28 percent taxation zone. It would be unjust to many consumers and hence the government needs to review the list of items bracketed into the highest tax zone. Since, GST has become legislation, now the government should immediately waive off all taxes being levied on the online transactions and pump the cashless economy, which Modi and his cabinet has been batting post demonetization. But, the way news of layoffs in the IT sector has surfaces, even IT giant Narayan Murthy has warned the industry to be ready for the twunami coming ahead. Actually, this could happen because our it industry is service oriented, had it been product oriented, such layoffs could have been avoided. Hope, they learn the lesson soon.

It’s saddening to know the demise of former Punjab DGP KPS Gill because nation needs more strong administrators to contain extremism and insurgency in various parts of India.

Jai Ho!