Open House ( May 16-31, 2017 Issue)

Open House

It’s High Time for Pre-poll Survey Agencies

Read the cover story ‘Poll Fever Grips Europe’ and want to congratulate the Dayafter for predicting the right candidate who was riding the winner horse. The Dayafter deserves praise because its author predicted a candidate’s victory who was written off by the local survey agencies. Ironically, the author had predicted a thumping majority for Macron when le Pen was leading by huge margin in majority of the pre-poll surveys. However, the author of the cover story stick to the basics and wrote in France, there is no space for hardliner politician and hence people won’t vote for Le Pen, exactly the same that happened in the French presidential polls. However, it’s high time for the pre-poll survey agencies to tighten their belts, open their antennas and cross check their research instruments lest the psephological study becomes a redundant material for the masses.

Alisha, Lyon

North East Politics Runs on Perception

Want to congratulate the dayafter for giving this  much of space to north east news because it has been found that north east has been not given due weightage into the New Delhi-based media houses. Coming to the story, ‘North East Goes Saffron?’ I would like to add that if the BJP is comfortable in Nagaland and Mizoram then there is no reason to doubt its winnability in other north east states because in north east, politics runs on perception. People of north east more or less have the tendency to go in tandem and vote with same pattern, even in Tripura. Only thing that even the author has addressed is the organizational structure, but in my opinion, it won’t be a major barrier for a national party as north east is facing acute job shortage for its youth. Employing the north east youth as party worker can also do the needful for the ‘party with difference.’

Hitesh Saikia, Guwahati

BJP Has Transformed Into Congress Party

When Narendra Modi was made BJP’s poll campaign committee In-charge in 2013, he had said in his maiden speech at Chhattisgarh that ‘If someone can kill Congress party, it’s Congress itself.’ At that time, political pundits take this jibe as a political potshot that leaders take against their rivals. However, the way Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have led BJP to series of success, is praiseworthy. However, being a follower of the party since its inception, I am pained to say that it has become difficult to find BJP in current political set up. The BJP has transformed into the Congress party, especially after the Maharashtra assembly polls. It has become non-accommodative like Congress party and it has become ruthless to its stalwarts too. Now, in BJP too, its winnability of the candidate which has become a deciding factor in granting party ticket not the grass root party worker who has served the party for long.

Shashikant Dwiwedi, Mirzapur