Open House ( May 1-15, 2017 Issue)

Open House

Trump Is As Responsible As His Predecessors Were

By allowing strikes in Syria, the US president Donald Trump has wisely washed off the allegations that he is soft to Russia. At the same time, he gave a clear message to both Beijing and Pyongyang that he can tolerate the nagging nations in South Asia to a particular extent provided these nations don’t cross their limit. Probably, this was the reason for North Korea not going to any test fire of missile or any other ammunition of mass destruction on North Korea Day. And for sure, Beijing has some hand in persuading Pyongyang to do this. So, by one srike Donald Trump has proved that he is as responsible US president as his predecessors were.

Tarunodaya Mikherjee, Mumbai

AAP Failure Means Failure of Public Aspirations

The way Aam Aadmi Party stormed to power in Delhi speaks volume as he reflects aspirations of common public who got bored with fake promises and typed politics. The way Kejriwal led his party to victory after almost route in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, people had a feeling that AAP will do something for the Delhites. However, the way he has been failing post 2015 Delhi Assembly Polls, it reflects the expansionist mindset of the AAP national Convener rather ‘public service’ which he used to vow during election campaign.

Nikhil Grover, New Delhi

Triple Talaq Is Political Issue Now

While batting for the social security of Muslim women, majority of our leader, whether in favour or against the triple talaq system, have been found urging not to politicize the matter as it is directly related to the ‘social security’ of Muslim women. But, in actual, the matter has become political because BJP is trying to divide the Muslims on gender line by criticizing the triple talaq system while anti-NJP parties are not opening up against this social sin because they want Muslim votes in bulk. They even found suggesting to leave the matter into the hands of Muslim clerics as it’s a sensitive issue of a minority community. These ‘seculars’ are shy of opening up over this bad practice fearing cracks into their Muslim vote bank. So, triple talaq is a political issue now.

Sagufta Khatoon, Aligarh

Initiate Peace Talks in Jammu and Kashmir

It’s around six month since Kashmir valley has been burning. The government even used pellet guns to control public resentment in the valley but in vain. Low turnout in Srinagar Lok Sabha by-polls added further salt on the government wounds, especially when we look at the voter turnout in 2014 Lok Sabha polls. So, its high time for all stake holders in J&K and the central dn state government to keep their respective egos aside and initiate talks to bring normalcy in Kashmir.

Wasim Ahad, Gulmarg