A person with an opinion has to be respected: Hansal Mehta

New Delhi,  Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has praised his “Simran” star Kangana Ranaut’s unapologetic and strong nature, saying a person with an opinion, like the actress, should be respected.

Kangana’s unabashed persona may not have gone down well with many in the film industry but Mehta says he is not one of them.

The “Aligarh” director says rather than being threatened by the 30-year-old actress, one must embrace these qualities in her.

“I never felt that she is too opinionated. I think a person with an opinion has to be respected. How many people have a strong opinion and how many people actually talk sense?

“She is somebody who is extremely focused, extremely intelligent. “You embrace a person’s qualities rather than be threatened by it,” Mehta told PTI.

Kangana’s co-stars and collaborators have earlier complained that the actress is a difficult person to work with.

However, Mehta says she found the actress to be a wonderful collaborator so much so that he is inspired by her talent and brilliance.

“She is the most wonderful collaborators that you can get. I had a great time working with her during ‘Simran’ I can’t talk about others. I can talk about myself and I embrace her fearlessness. I am inspired by her intelligence, by her talent, her brilliance and her success.”

“Simran”, also starring Sohum Shah, will release later this year.