Delhi Traffic Police to soon get high-tech cameras to check


New Delhi, Those jumping red lights and overspeeding when traffic cops are not around will have to be cautious now as the Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) will soon be getting an extra set of eyes with some hi-tech cameras.

The DTP has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Home Affairs for buying prosecution cameras and number plate readers.

Senior police officers said that a proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs for buying 170 prosecution cameras and 96 number plate readers that will strengthen the process of challaning traffic violators.

Prosecution cameras installed at traffic junctions along with number plate readers will record traffic violations and will be connected to the central traffic police control room.

Even if a traffic cop is not present at the junction or the violator manages to go unnoticed, these cameras will record the offence.

During the night when there is lean presence of traffic cops on the roads, these cameras will record the violations.

Since they will be connected to the control room data, challan will be generated and sent to the offender with the details of where the violation happened, said a senior traffic police officer.

The officer said that even though there are many junctions in Delhi that require these cameras, these equipments will be installed judiciously at selected locations vulnerable to overspeeding and frequent signal violations.

Apart from strengthening its system of prosecuting traffic violators, the DTP has also sent a proposal for buying more 800 body-worn cameras for its field personnel.

Till last year, 200 body-worn cameras had been procured and distributed among field officers.

“We have sent the proposal for 800 more cameras. These cameras help keep a check on the personnel and in case, some road user misbehaves with our personnel, it gets recorded,” he said.

These cameras cannot be switched on and off by the officer and since their feed and recording is stored with the traffic control room, the personnel cannot tamper with them, he said.

Last year, 92,307 challans were issued for jumping red lights and 86,771 persons were prosecuted for overspeeding.