Open House

Open House

Public Perception About Modi Has Changed

Loved reading the cover story ‘Modi Magic Continues’ as the author has rightly said that Narendra Modi has broken the shackles of caste politics in Uttar Pradesh. He not only reached to core voters of both Mayawati, Mulayam and Akhilesh. It also forced Congress party to further corners in the largest political state of India. Even in Muslim dominated areas, the BJP has garnered good number of votes. This verdict in UP indicates that people are fed up with caste politics and they want some constructive politics. Now, opposition’s ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ jibe against BJP is no more attractive for the people of India. However, the BJP has to answer its critics who are not so happy with its decision to not give a single Muslim candidate in the poll fray, which forced the UP Assembly to slump to its lowest number of Muslim representation in the history of UP assembly.

Vinayak Gowda, Bengaluru

India Needs Congress!

Read the story ‘Dynasty Mukt Congress’ in which the author has tried to point out about thje importance of a strong opposition in a healthy democracy. The story is bang on when it indicates about change in leadership in the Congress party which is important for sustainability of the grand old party. However, I would like to add here that changing leadership might not work for the Congress party if their leaders fail to catch the current changes that have aken place in Indian politics. Now, people want delivery which can’t happen if they continue to rely on the small coterie around them. They need to come out of their luxurious offices and spend time with the public in general. Only then, it would help Congress to establish the connect with grass root level.

Shrishti Tripathi, Lucknow

Uproot Media From New Delhi

It’s true that Delhi-based media has failed to classify local Delhi news from the national news. Two student wing clash at DU or JNU is not a reflection of Indian universities. Such incidents are taking place in other universities too and they are not given much importance than a simple glimpse of the incident. But, the Lutyen’s Media glorified the student leaders by arranging debates over the issues that doesn’t reflect Indian society at all. Media is expected to preserve national integrity but in such case, Indian media failed to hold that responsibility properly. It is happening because they are frequently mingling with the leaders sitting in power corridors. This mingling has to get stopped and for this we need to uproot Indian media from New Delhi to any other part of India.

Paresh Saxena, New Delhi

Swaraj Party May Spoil BJP-Congress Game

Read ‘Swaraj Test for AAP’ which has pointed out that Yogendra Yadav may emerge as vote eater of the anti-incumbency working against both BJP at MCD and AAP at the Delhi government. In such a scenario, Swaraj Party may garner a position where AAP would require its support to govern the MCD as Congress Party is depending heavily on the anti-incumbency votes working against BJP and AAP.

Shaktikant Sharma, New Delhi