Open House

Open House

Trump Is Mere American Leader!

Read ‘Provoking World War III?’ and want to share my views that in today’s world author has drawn a long conclusion by expecting the warheads in particular zones post Donald Trump taking over at the White House. However, the author failed to address that Donald Trump is an American leader only not the global leader which an American president is expected to be. Hence, he is expected to cede global leadership to Russia and China but not at the expense of the war. If someone that would be hurt deeply during Trump’s regime, then its US diplomats, who have a humongous task to keep US’ global leadership intact.

Gavin, Chicago

Advani Deserves Presidential Nomination from BJP

While going through the story ‘Dark-horses In Presidential Poll’ I come to know that Modi government is thinking of nominating someone else than LK Advani for the Raisina Road. If it’s true then it would be a huge setback for the BJP as ‘party with difference’ would be exposing Modi for not forgiving his ‘mentor’ who strongly stood by him post Gujarat-riots when even Vajpayee was mulling to replace him. In my opinion, LK Advani is the most suitable leader into the BJP who deserves to be the next presidential nominee from the BJP. The senior most ‘margdarshak’ and founding father of the BJP deserves a fitting farewell and what else could be the better than presidential nomination from the party?

Piyush Tripathi, Lucknow

AAP Surge Is Not by Fluke

When whole India is waiting for the five state polls, especially of Uttar Pradesh, I am waiting for the Goa and Punjab results as these results might be an addition of a national party into the Indian politics while on the other hand another national party would further wilt into the Indian politics. Yes, I am talking about the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress party. The way Congress party has been ceding ground to the AAP, and the new entrant is planning to contest further state polls, it looks that AAP has found Congress party as its soft target and the grand old party is neither capable of taking on the BJP nor to contain AAP surge.

Gaganpreet Singh, Sangrur

It’s advantage Congress Not AAP in Punjab

Read ‘Aap Da Punjab?’ and like it from the bottom of my heart as the author has rightly pointed out that the AAP hype is mere Delhi-based media creation. In actual, AAP has little presence outside Malwa and they are strong enough to oust Akali-Congress bi-polar politics in Eastern Malwa. They have to work hard in Doaba and Manjha. In fact, AAP leaders in Doaba are called ‘Bhaiya’ means Poorvanchalis who expatriated from UP and Bihar in search of their livelihood. Doaba is still an Akali bastion and the way Akali-BJP cadre was mum over their leniency post demonetization, anything can happen. But, the incumbent government is facing 10 successive years of anti-incumbency and Congress has an edge in this Punjab elections.

Mandeep Singh, Amritsar