Open House

Open House

Budget for Bharat!

Read the cover story on ‘Politics of Budget’ and partially disagree with the idea that it was politically motivated, but, yes it would give some advantage for the ruling party in coming five state polls as much stress has been given in rural infrastructure and MNREGA. Apart from that, dairy infrastructure and agricultural loan waivers can be seen a political move of the central government but it would help farmers of all India. The way we are coming across cases of farmer suicide, it’s high time for the government to intervene and hence this was more a budget for rural Indian territory which we often call Bharat.

Tripti Desai, Bhopal

Political Gravitation Behind Parliamentary Washout

It has become a regular feature for both Congress and the BJP to blame one another for parliamentary logjam because none of them is able to come out of the 2014 Lok Sabha verdict. Congress party is still unable to digest that they are in the opposition with a mandate that is not enough to fetch leader of the opposition post. Similarly, the BJP is yet to come out of this arrogance that they have decimated the grand old party to its nadir. But, as and when they face criticism insie or outside the parliament, they react sharply as if they are still in the opposition. They should nurture the art of avoiding criticism while running the government as ‘it’s job of the government to run the parliament’ and try reaching out to the agitating opposition parties if not all at least some, so that the parliamentary proceeding doesn’t get derailed.

Shad Malik, Lucknow

Don’t Write Off Mayawati in UP

I agree with the writer when he says about the fierce fight in UP. But, the story mainly talks about the permutation and combination forming in favour or against BJP or SP-Congress combine. It talks very little about BSP supremo Mayawati. Since, she is a strong political force even when she failed to open her account in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. If we go by the votes polled by BSP in 2014, it was huge 20 percent — a number which is enough to make her game changes with mere 3-4 percent increase in this tally. Since, voting pattern for lok Sabha and assembly would be different, I urge my media fellows please don’t write of Mayawati before the last EVM button is plugged.

Shikha, Meerut

BJP Is Ahead of Congress, AAP

When the poll drum for Goa state election were drummed, BJP was facing a leadership crisis as its face Manohar Parrikkar was taken into the centre and this crisis helped Congress and AAP to dent into saffron vote bank. But, BJP’s central leadership timely realized this criris and announced if required parraikkar would be send back that lifted the morale of party cadre and hence it regained its lost round in quick time. But, the party is facing five years of anti-incumbency and if AAP splits that anti-incumbency votes which looks evident, the verdict may give BJP single largest party if not the numbers required to form the next government.

J Parsekar, Panjim